Watch 17 Minutes Of Battlefield 4 Gameplay, Right Here

EA just released this enormous 17-minute gameplay demonstration of Battlefield 4's singleplayer campaign. Watch!

Yes, that is Bonnie Tyler you are hearing at the start. Amazing.

This is the first piece of media EA has managed to successfully release on its own tonight, after first screenshots and then a low-res version of a trailer slipped out early.

Here's the part of the press release you'll find interesting:

Players will learn how to work together in both the Campaign and Multiplayer, issuing squad orders and comparing achievements in both experiences. Adventure and Competition will unfold through a series of beautifully crafted locations constructed with some of the best art and sound design in modern shooters. All of this is only possible with Frostbite 3 – a new standard for interactive entertainment in 2013.

The game's definitely out in Australia sometime after September on PS3, PS4, PC and Xbox 360. And, presumably, the next Xbox as well.


    Looks to be pretty good. Love the lighting and smoke effects.

    Right, so to increase his word count. He wrote repeat his longest paragraph in the article.

    This is the first piece of media EA has managed to successfully release on its own tonight, after first screenshots and then a low-res version of a trailer slipped out early.

    This is the first piece of media EA has managed to successfully release on its own tonight, after first screenshots and then a low-res version of a trailer slipped out early.

    One with link and one without.

    Come on Plunkett why are you still here.. If you are in my company you will be fired already.


    Did I just wrote a comment longer than his article without the quoted lines? Lol

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      Don't judge if your spelling and grammar are up shit creek bro....

      Also, blame me @letrico. I pasted that paragraph twice by accident while updating the AU post to sync with US story updates. Wanted to get the vid up for you guys as soon as possible while @markserrels was ducking and weaving suits in train tunnels. Calm down man.

      dude, if your going to criticize someone on their writing ability, please write legibly yourself. Otherwise you just look like the dickhead you most likely are.

    That's pretty goddamn impressive. Love the geometry, love the lighting, love the motion. Far more impressive than BF3, which in its own right is STILL amazing to this day.

    My only real gripes at this point are the gameplay, I'm tiring drastically of the 'super soldier' thing. Shoot a soldier, he stops, crouches, gets back up and continues. I guess ARMA 2 spoiled me, I love shooting someone, seeing them drop after a single round, seeing their arm become useless, seeing someone run over and drag them into cover etc. I know its only a Battlefield game and we're not likely to see that, but to me, with this kind of graphical power behind it? That would make for one hell of an immersive combat simulator. It would also make firefights just that bit more intensive.

    Oh and also, whats with the darker skinned soldier looking photorealistic then when it comes to caucasians, they look like plasticine????

      They should have died 20 times over during that scenario. I don't think they are going for realism with this series.

        Oh absolutely lol! I know. I can't wait to get my hands on ARMA 3, which looks unbelievably spectacular. While I do like the battlefields, I've grown into liking military simulators more. While there's rarely any bigass firefights like this, the skirmishes you do have? Feel far more rewarding due to actually *surviving*.

        there are somethings that just flat out break the suspension of disbelief, the big offender being the Kamov unable to to destroy a run of the mil civilian suv, let alone the section before hand when the PC takes a direct hit from the cannon of said chopper and yet isnt brought down to a "danger" level, just a light red overlay.

        Also the person playing really fucking sucks so bad at aiming its infuriating. Saying its because s/he is using a controller doesn't cut it.

          Oh and don't forget the 40mm HE grenade blowing away a concrete barrier (that looks about 30-40cm thick).

          Well to me it seemed as though they were playing with a controller. Notice the overly smooth movement, the lack of variation of vertical height, and the preference to navigate an enemy into the reticle rather than aiming directly at them.
          This is odd though, as they were definitely keyboard prompts on the overly (As can be seen with 'E' and 'F')

      Agreed 100% with everything but as for the last part, I'll guess that's about lighting and contrast? An uneducated guess.

        I think its just the lighting on the skin causing that effect to the soldiers honestly. *edit* So yeah, you're right lol.

        Last edited 27/03/13 8:16 pm

    It's a pretty bold move, showing half the single player game in the first trailer.



    But shit at the same time, I don't want origin.

    It looks good, but I feel as though this should be an expansion for BF3 instead of a whole new game.

    let the wank feast begin.

    SUV > Attack Chopper
    thank god for Arma 3

    I hope BF4 PC version fixes issues that were present in BF3.
    In game voip is a must, I'm tired of the silence in BF3. Dedicated servers would be appreciated.
    Commander mode was a feature I really missed, getting UAVs up, air dropping vehicles and setting up artillery strikes made for good fun.

    How on earth are they gonna make this work on PS3/X360 and next gen? I mean this generation is going to be such a bottleneck...

      Hopefully Frostbite does split screen on next-gen, even though it destroys PS3/360. @markserrels and @benwhite tell me to go back to 2005, but split screen rocks when you got mates around. Just not a CoD or Halo guy. Sacrilege!

    disappointed with the audio, ARMA 3 seems to shine with that, however frostbite clearly is the master of destructible environments, i would love to see a realism spin off BF4 that involves actually preforming medic work as a 68W using playstation move, i mean playstation move would be perfect as you'd have to put down your control (gun) and use move to administer first aid, which would be somewhat very graphic, but real none the less.

    Looks good, I'd play it.

    How does a car stay water tight after being shot by a helicopter? I know I know, its just a game.

      OH yeah and it seems no one at EA has seen mythbusters either

      how does he sever a leg cleanly with a single attempt.
      how does he hit a helicopter with a grenade from a grenade launcher while hanging out of a car with one hand.

    Looks pretty darn impressive!
    ...however this being the internet i feel obliged to complain about something so wheres the damn entering /exiting vehicle animations?

      I guess you've never been in a real firefight. If you do the animation you will die so you must teleport in. XD

    Looks pretty - but it's clear that they're CoD-ifying the story in a lot of ways. TBH though I don't care about the story - I want to see what they're going to give us in Multiplayer.

    Why is it in a FPS Game, As soon as I see a friend chopper, I think Bye bye. You will be destroyed in 5..... 4.....3.....2......1 Oh! And Im right. What would surprise me the most is if i got in the chopper and Nothing happened. I just got away! Just one time! The first chopper that comes to help. Not the second or Third, the first. That scene on the roof was a prime example of this. argghhh.
    This Visuals were fantastic, but I bet the rest of the gameplay is Explosions and fire fights. Just give me some stealth, real/enjoyable none forced stealth like in COD 4 in Chernobyl.
    I will Most likely get this game though.

    Sorry to say but....meh.

    Seriously, bring back at least a shred of credibility to these games and build the intensity/fear/atmosphere.

    Looks good, but to be honest I was expecting something more.

    I can't help but feel EA will stuff it up like they do everything.

    I think I played this already.

    Another generic modern combat fps.

    The past 8 entries in the BF series (including BF Online and BF Free to play) have all been modern combat or WW2.

    I remember a time where each Battlefield game had a new and unique setting. Why the hell can't we have that again? I'm sick and tired of stupid modern combat shit.

      Buy a gun and blow your brains out if your fed up with this world.

        wtf? you're literally telling me to die because I'm tired of a computer game setting. No need to take it so personally.

        Last edited 27/03/13 10:55 pm

          Sorry I'm half Japanese my Japanese side tends to think suicide is an only option.

      Spot on Yazman, I agree totally. Same game different skin. Blah Blah Blah!! Battlefield used to be fun. Hell gaming in general used to be fun. For me it was a place I could feel like I could achieve anything. I could save the damsel in distress, save the world from disaster, be a part of something larger than myself. Now we have to suffer gamer jocks who hurl abuse at you if you have a shit K/D ratio, camp too much or just generally suck because you have a life have to work to pay the bills and feed your family. Battlefield was the one military game that used to incorporated teamwork into their multiplayer, so even if your skills weren't up to scratch you could still have a good time and still feel a part of something awesome, even when you lost. But they erased all that with BF3 trying to chase COD, and while I would like to think that the Battlefield of old will be back in this next instalment, I am not holding my breath.

    Looks good!, But would like to see the animation of getting into vehicles more visible, i.e. rather than just appearing in the vehicle you actually see him jumping in and sit down

    As others previously noted, it looks great but plays bad. Perhaps this is still just WIP issues, but the glaring things for me were
    - Enemies get shot several times, no ill effects until they die - what is this, CoD zombies?
    - Wall gets demolished, enemy still standing there taking cover
    - That awful hand on the door animation - soldiers are trained not to look at the door handle when breaching!
    - No animation when getting in a car
    - There's a helicopter that seems impervious to damage, until you pop it with a single grenade

    There's a bunch of other minor things, but the above is a lot for roughly 10 minutes of "gameplay".

      Since when some people think that BF is meant to be a simulator not a video game?

      Battlefield =/= ARMA

    Yay, I wonder how mad the specular reflections will be on the gigantic invisible wall they'll put around the entire thing with omniscient commanders ready to shoot the player dead for desertion. Shittest game series ever

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