Watch A Shirtless Man Get Tased By The Taser Sword

Someone over on Reddit uploaded this video of his buddy's "Taser Sword," which is a double bladed sword wrapped in electrical tape with a taser built in. It's truly terrifying.

That same someone has created a video showing what it's like to be stunned with the Taser Sword as well as how you can sword fight with it, along with this note: "Had my friend hit me with the sword. Hurts a good bit but the worst is using two swords against the taser sword." Um, OK then!

Taser Sword! (Finished) [jonathanj9969 at YouTube [via SeoirseN at Reddit]




    Remember kids, one sword won't complete the circuit... two swords does! Well done!

    Just up the voltage a little and go for a darwin award now can you? Please?

    Last edited 06/03/13 12:40 am

    someone ha been playing a little too much dead island

    I thought they actually built a replica of Raiden's high frequency blade in Revengeance

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