Watch Cliff Bleszinski Talk About How Video Games Changed His Life

Watch Cliff Bleszinski Talk About How Video Games Changed His Life

The man best known for helping create Gears of War had a spotlight talk at PAX East this past weekend, where he talked about his relationship with video games. It’s a poignant monologue where Bleszinski talks about getting teased for his love of Nintendo as a kid, how games helped him cope with rough moments and helped him meet his wife.


  • That’s why when I was at school nobody there knew I was a gamer. It wasn’t “cool” like it is today 😛

  • Best known for Gears of War?

    That may be true, but I’ve been a fan of Blezinski’s work since Wolfenstein-3D! I can’t remember if he contributed to Commander Keen, but if he did, that’s the real answer…

    • Are you thinking of someone else? Or did Cliffy B secretly work on Wolfenstein 3d when he was 17, between doing “The Palace of Deceit: the Dragon’s Plight” and “Dare to Dream Volume One: In a Darkened Room”?

        • I’m just going off his Wiki page – I do remember reading an interview with some game developer (I can’t remember who though) who said they did some level design on one of id’s early games (either Wolf or Doom), but they never got credited for it because they were just an intern at the time. I did a quick Google and couldn’t find out more about it though, wish I could remember where I saw it.

          • I have the strangest feeling it was Cliff Blezinski, but I’ll have to play Wolfenstein 3D again, see the credits to find out. 17 would be about the right age at the time, the way game development studios used to be (wasn’t Jordan Mechner still in highschool when he released Karateka?)

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