Watch Players Pull Off Stunts With Battlefield 3's New Dirt Bike

You know what every first-person shooter needs? I mean, besides guns? Dirt bikes. And every other high-speed vehicle imaginable. Because if shooting a helicopter down with an RPG is fun, it's even more fun when doing so while also riding a dirt bike.

The latest expansion to Battlefield 3, End Game, introduced a few new upgrades. Among them is the dirt bike, which you can access as early as today if you bought the DLC.

Some players have already been having fun performing tricks and stunts worthy of action flicks starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (you know, circa the '80s, '90s). You can see a few rounded up by AmazingFilms247 up above.

UNBELIEVABLE New BF3 Dirtbike Clips [YouTube]


    I'm still trying to work out how on the score screen at the end of a round it had the bike as my best vehicle with a 5 metre headshot.

    was expecting more 'stunts' not random rockets being fired from the back of a bike

    Been waiting for something new.. but of course.. need to find an Aussie server running these maps etc

      There are some good servers, but since the patch its been laggy as hell, first time since launch im getting a red connection icon every few games... :/

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