Watch Top-Level Call Of Duty Players Rage Hard

If you've played a game online, chances are you've experienced a rager in their full extreme, screaming glory. So it shouldn't be surprising that even top-level players rage, as Eurogamer discovered.

Here is a compilation of (sometimes celebratory!) rage moments during an European Call of Duty championship. One of the competitors notes that raging is done purposefully, as a psychological tactic of sorts. Apparently, the players do better if they rage, or so they think.

Rage Compilation - Call of Duty European Championships - Eurogamer [Eurogamer]


    I think the term "Wanker" applies strongly here. As a gamer this makes me sad, where is the love?

      It was lost the moment game devs started including a host system and lag compensation into games and then tried to sell them off as "competitive" most of the COD rage and calling of hacks is due to these 2 failure systems.

      that being said of course you do get the odd wanker in every game even without these things making it worse

        I don't think it helped that there wasn't a Halo game released before MW2. Aside from the general dick moves and general arrogance that took place during the development of MW2, one of the biggest changes between MW and MW2 was the change in demographic. With no Halo to compete with and a change or marketing to a younger audience, well... you've seen what's happened.

      This just proves that devoted COD players are a 'special' breed of 'human'... with both terms used very loosely.

    Think the title should be "Watch top level CoD players act like little children"

    console "professionals"....

      professional just means you get paid for it, doesn't make you any better

    They behave like this on the street outside my house late at night, no video games involved.

    This is one of the reasons e-sports aren't taken seriously. you get the odd nut like this in regular sport (John McEnroe anyone?) But not entire teams like this.

    These people need to be banned. Do you really want these guys representing e-sports as a whole?

      Ah... what about rugby league? Those douche bags are all about fighting, on and off the field, beating up their girl friends etc, and they're still paid shit loads and are taken waaaaaaay to seriously by mainstream society.

    This disugsts me.

      So does my spelling.

    I don't see the difference between this and any other online match for CoD.

    Pretty much sums the tournament up. CoD player in gerneral really...

    Last edited 22/03/13 1:11 pm

    The problem with the analogy with other sports is that most of that behaviour would get you a penalty. Even in NBA you aren’t allowed to show any aggression and you can’t over-celebrate a shot. A lot of this is the fault of the organisers who just seem happy that anyone is interested.

    Wow, that’s embarrassing.

    Sadly I think it probably shows to some extend how socially defunct gaming is as a hobby generally.

    Even the most aggressive of sports have codes of social decency which develop as a necessity of groups learning to play and enjoy together.
    Say for example you want to learn to fight. You go to martial arts classes and your coaches will teach you not to be aggressive with other students and to have discipline, and that’s necessary for you to be able to learn with others and to get better yourself. If you don’t behave in an appropriate manner it becomes detrimental everyone and you’ll be forced to leave.

    Games like this your instructor is the tutorial, your opponents are just avatars on the screen and voices through a headset, there’s almost no consequence to behaving in an obnoxious or aggressive manner.……… and the end result are losers like these guys.

    How come no sportsmanship clause is adhered to for these tournaments?

    Stopped after minute. Was totally not worth my time. I do take a moment to comment to give you my 2 cents.
    I wish they spent 1/10th the time they spend playing this game to work on their personality. More healthy!

    And people wonder why gamers get a bad name!

    This makes me ashamed to even be considered in the same category as these pathetic little brats!

    Brilliant. Love the passion.

      This isn't passion, it's an angry circle jerk.

        Oh well then you must of enjoyed it?

          Jackunit biography (let me know if I nail it):

          16 year old male, single, angry at life, so you troll away in an attempt to dissipate this anger and sickly find enjoyment in being an absolute jerk, whilst being OH SO CLOSE to being the best player amongst your regular group of CoD muppets who masquerade their angry 16 year old hormones through raging and being jerks/trolls/idiots online?

            Let's see how many times you can be wrong in one measly paragraph...
            I'm a 23 year old male with a girlfriend of 18 months.
            I have a beautiful daughter (unlike you I've had sex...many, many times.)
            Love life, successful job and live in an amazing location.
            There's much better CoD players than me that I know, and I'm ok with that! I went through my CoD phase, but I think I've exhausted it now.
            I watched this video with no sound and laughed at how in to it everyone gets. Look at the comments and every single person is being a typical CoD hater and leaving abuse. In this video, it clearly looks like they are going all out to be as abusive to each other as possible, more for show, than out of pure naivety (also stated in the synopsis.) Nonetheless, I know I've felt the same way as these guys when in a string of competitive matches on CoD and it's easy for emotions to boil over. These guys ARE passionate about what they do and there is nothing wrong with that.

            tl;dr I win at life, whilst you sir, do not.

            Best regards,

            Jack xox

          No, I don't like beating off other guys then high fiving each other afterwards. That's how you can tell I don't play CoD.

            There’s the “I appreciate the passion you showed in mastering this game” passion, and there’s “I appreciate the passion you showed when you lost that game of checkers and kicked your mother down a flight of stairs” kind of passion.

            This is the latter.

        Ahh, I thought they had controllers under there.

    I get owned all the time in games like COD and BF3 because I'm shit at it, have friends, a job and a beautiful girlfriend. So when I get owned 10 times in a round by the same person, it gives me awesome pleasure when I freak kill them to drop my pixellated pants and tea bag them. It always gets them raging.

    I'm sorry I think you lost me at "top-level" Call of duty players.


    What you expected some dudes smoking pipes and stroking their beards handing down wisdom from on high ?

    This game is trash - exactly what Richard Garriot was talking about - I can't imagine it attracts anyone else ?!

    It would be hard to believe such bad sportsmanship is tolerated if not for all the heavily invested parties desperately trying to rake in money.
    If the AAA gaming scene does crash any time soon, this will be one of the elements of competitive gaming that very few people will miss.
    And If nothing else, the clip was entertaining in that it made me feel good about being nothing like that.

    Thats sad this is why i dont play MP very often, Its not just in cod ive seen this crap all over the place. Sucks the fun right out of a game for normal people, wasnt like this back in quake 2, Half life DM days sad sad sad

    Typical First Person Shooter behaviour. As good as multiplayer is in this game, the people that play it are total douche bags or children. FPS should not be part of the e-sports scene if this is the behaviour they are exhibiting.

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