Western Earthbound Fans Spam Japanese Mother 2 MiiVerse

This Sunday, I spent about an hour delving through the past 24 hours of messages on the Mother 2 MiiVerse page that went live last week as part of the Mother 2 (Earthbound) re-release on the Japanese Wii U virtual console. What surprised me as I looked through the message board was the amount of messages in English I came across.

What didn't surprise me was their common theme: releasing Mother 2 (Earthbound) on Western virtual consoles.

Some of these messages were nice.

Other messages were rude.

Some were creative.

While others were... barely legible.

Some were rather creepy.

But my personal favourite one is the guy who admitted to piracy on a public forum owned by the people he pirated from.


Mother 2 (Earthbound) was released on the Japanese Wii U virtual console on March 20, 2013. There is currently no word on an international virtual console release. Earthbound was originally released on the SNES in 1994 in Japan and internationally in 1995.


    I was annoyed we didn't get it either. Hopefully this will make Nintendo see sense.

    I think that last message says it all, Nintendo if you are not willing to provide then we will get our product from somewhere else and you will not make a sale.

    The ball is in your court.

    Last edited 28/03/13 2:23 am

    Just shows how awesome Nintendo really are. Which is not at all the past few years.

    Why are the names blurred? I mean, it's a public forum. If I went there now I'd be able to see all the names. Seems odd.

    What we really need is a whole new remake that is for the Wii U using a new engine and the Wii U's controls.

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