What Are You Playing This Weekend

Weekends used to be designed for video games, now I change nappies. That is my reality. But hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some gaming because I've just gotten my hands on an early copy of Tomb Raider and I've heard nothing but good things. Hopefully I'll get a second to play it. What are you guys and girls currently playing?

But here's the thing. I can't leave anything on my desk for more than two seconds without our designer Ben White stealing it. He stole my copy of Tomb Raider as soon as I opened it and I can't be sure he'll bring it back. He keeps talking about how awesome it is so I've got a bad feeling about this!

I'll probably also continue with Metal Gear Rising, which I'm enjoying so far.

Let us know what you're planning to play in the comments below!


    TrackMania 2 Canyon

    Zombie Driver HD

    Just Cause 2


    Don't Starve

    Natural Selection 2

    Mark of the Ninja

    @markserrels Trials Evolution is coming to Steam, but I figured you already knew that

      Is don't starve a real game or is that just in place to remind you to eat between sessions?

        It's a real game and really good so far :D

    I finished DmC Devil May Cry last week and I'm going to a wedding (and possibly Dreamworld) so my gaming plans are pretty slim.

    Probably only going to play a handful of Dota2 games.

    I'm gonna be downloading Fractured Soul from the 3DS eShop

    OMG Lara Croft is so hot.


    aLso zen pinball 2 star wars

    Assassins Creed 3 if I can get my Xbox working, if not Binding of Issac and I don't know what else!

    You monster! I've never been jealous of your early copies until now. :P

      Do we know if @markserrels got anywhere in Ni No Kuni? Did it break his JRPG boredom at all?

    Vita: Mortal Kombat & Sonic Racing Transformed. Hit me up online for multi----JmuHsn

    Changing nappies *all* weekend? That's some kind of crazy overactive child you've got there Mark!

    I'm going to be playing the "camping in the rain all weekend away from technology" game. But it's for a bucks party, so at least there will be beer to make me forget my misery.

      Wait what? A newborn right? They poop like the dickens. Yours didn't???

        They required changes multiple times a day, sure. But maybe once every hour or three? There's plenty of time in between to do other things :P

          Yeah, it's when they start walking and talking and not having naps that your me time starts to suffer.

            Mine (who is 2) has learnt the phrase "my turn". He uses it every time I have a controller in my hand. Incessantly. Not cool.

              I know that situation all too well, mine's almost 5 and always wants to play when I am, so I normally try and game after he goes to bed. But hey, look on the bright side, when they're older we'll have gaming buddies on tap for co-op.

                Obviously. That's the main reason I decided to have a kid.

                Absolutely! My son is now 15 and the co-op fun we've had has been pretty dern cool!

                He used to fit on the chair with me, between my legs while I was playing my multitude of age inappropriate games. Then having a go when he got older.

                Now, because of my gut and his growth spurts we have to lounge next to each other yelling abuse at the screen.

                I did find out one thing about myself, though: I tend to get quite "ordery" when he's playing now... "Go that way!" "What was that over there?" "No. Turn around and go back."

                He complained to mum and she told me to stop it, but, you know, whatever.

        For some reason I imagine Mark acting like Jason in Far Cry 3 after he skins an animal. I can almost see Mark saying something like "Fuck! Gross!" and then shoving the remains into a bag. I don't want to know what Mark crafts with it latter.

    Gonna be car shopping most of tomorrow because some useless son of a politician stole my motorcycle… le sigh.

    Sunday I have to game as much as possible because when Tomb Raider unlocks on Steam my girlfriend will take over my computer for christ knows how long.

    Going through the backlog.

    I might play through The Godfather Part II or maybe Mafia II (I'm in a mob kind of mood I guess!)

      Play Mafia II, I played it right through to the end, it's definitely the better game, I tried The Godfather Part II, but I just couldn't get into it, and I love The Godfather movies.

      As for me, I'll be finishing off Bioshock 2 and Hitman: Absolution, also be buying the Star Wars tables for Pinball FX2.

      Hmmm, I wonder if Tomb Raider will break street date today.

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        I quite liked the first Godfather on the Wii (motion controls for head slamming were hilarious) and I have Godfather II on PC but haven't played it much.

        Mafia II I got a fair way through but neglected to back up a save file during a hard drive format

      Mafia II only takes about 6 hours, very linear, but good.

    Going to finally start Revegance!

    Also will probably play some SKYRIM, Don't Starve and some DOTA2

      Maybe we can have a game or two with randoms that aren't ridiculously annoying.

      Oh, that would be the day.

        DOTA 2 games where the randoms aren't derp? You're a funny guy!

        Can I join for the explicit purpose of being ridiculously annoying?

        *kidding btw*

          The only reason I don't like it is because it's my job, dammit.

    Playing through skyrim, just finished a playthrough of L.A.Noire after a long time and am looking forward to Tomb Raider.

    Well after in impromptu jaunt to jb hifi last night to get head phones, I kind of don't remember buying Cyborg Ninjas talk about the horrors of war before slicing other cyborgs into perfectly see through slices of meat and gooey things ... but it ended up in my bag and I had less money.

    So probably that if I can figure out how to parry, if not. I bought Resident Evil 4 for 10 bucks from the xbox store this morning

    Fallout New Vegas.

    I’m in at around the 6-7 hour mark and really getting into this now.

      Absolutely amazing game

      I had sunk about 220 hours into Fallout 3, maybe closer to 300, I don't remember

        I knew it was well past time that I try Fallout 3 or New Vegas but figured I would only realistically have time for one. I looked around online and the general tone seemed to me that NV was better (although I see more mixed comments since). What do you think? Is 3 or NV better?

          I cannot answer that question

          I am a Fallout fanboy

          Played them ever since the first one was released back in 97

          I remember hopping on the computer to play it before going to school

            Well I'll just be happy with what I have then

              They were both awesome man

              I guess maybe NV would have more of a Fallout 1/2 flavour *it was worked on by Obsidian, who worked on 1 and 2

              While 3, had I guess more of an Oblivion flavour

              Not that Bethesda didn't try, it was amazing

    Tales of graces f! It is awesome, combat system is tactical and fun. Fast fights, no random encounters, cool skill level system that actually gives reason to the titles you get during the tales games. Skipable cut scenes but cant skip skit text.

    Xcom. I've never played this genre before, but I discovered this week I'm kind of awesome at the missions. The only problem is that I'm shithouse at managing my base: no idea what the I'm doing. Enjoying it though.

      I'm playing xcom too. On my second playthrough cause I stuffed up my base building in my first play through and countries started dropping off.

      Me too, havent ever been a tactics fan, but man if im not loving xcom.
      First night playing it, started at about 8pm friday night, 30 minutes later its 8am Sat morning im confused as all hell but cant turn it off.

    Bit.Trip Runner2 for me! I'm up to the third world, this game is really special. Much more forgiving than the original, too.

    Sleeping Dogs. Just started it last weekend and really enjoying it

    People coming over on Sunday, so Saturday will likely be spent cleaning the house and mowing the lawn (if the weather plays along).

    However, I would like to attempt to crack MGR:R, the only think standing in my way will be the bubs

    Going to try and finish the campaign (again) on SC2 Wings of Liberty in preparation for Heart of the Swarm - just to brush up on the story again. Also decided I'm going to bash Torchlight 2, having only spent about 5 hours on it so far. That was when it came out, and I haven't played since. Amazing game, just got distracted, It deserves my attention.

    This will be filled with bouts of 3DS in between, playing Ghost Recon Shadow Wars (late to the party, I know) and actually enjoying it. It's not a terribly deep turn based strategy title, but from what I can see, there's actually a lot of it. Fun to boot.

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    Packing the 3DS, preparing for a summoning to the children's hospital.
    Don't worry, I have all the essentials ready.

    Chrono Trigger DS, Metroid Prime Hunters, Super Mario 3D Land, Phantom Hourglass.


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