What Are You Playing This Weekend

I have a rare opportunity. My wife has taken the baby down to Melbourne. This is my one glorious chance to sit and play games uninterrupted for, I'm guessing, two or three hours. This could be amazing! I could finish Tomb Raider? Maybe give Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance another go? How about that new game Sim City? Yeah, maybe not. What are you guys and girls planning to play this weekend?

I'm really looking forward to playing games for once. Mainly because for the first time in a while I'm getting the chance to play! Also I'm really enjoying Tomb Raider. Hopefully I get the chance to seriously put some hours in and get to the end. Hurray!

I think it's sort of refreshing that, at this point in the year we genuinely have a large number of video games to play! Usually the first half of the year is backlog time or, at least, running through the games that were released over Christmas. I'm really enjoying the way that games are being spread across this year. It's good for gamers and its (hopefully) going to be good for the games industry as a whole.


    I'm playing Sim City!

    Just kidding, barely anyone will be able to. :p

    I got Need for Speed: Most Wanted on PC so I'll play some of that.

    Playing some NBA 2K13, and I might push through Ni No Kuni as well.

    Probably New Vegas, perhaps Bl2 DLC, perhaps Witcher if I can get around Steam trying to take all of my limited data.

      I shall be doing New Vegas as well! Such a well realised world.

        It's very good, and I've not had many glitch problems thus far (on PS3)

          Only glitch I've gotten was getting stuck in a couple different corners and turning on "noclip" to get out of. I'm not sure if what I would have done if I was using PS3. Save often.

            But don't save so often that you get the large save file bug...

    I'll be down in Sydney again this weekend. So if we can get a hold of a TV in the new apartment, odds are some sort of Lego game will be played.

    Shame Lego City Undercover isn't out yet.

    Tomb Raider


    Red Faction Armageddon

    Not sure what else

    Most likely mostly Tomb Raider

    It's incredible

    Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty... replaying before Heart of the Swarm.

    Maybe Minecraft if I can finally convince my wife to play with me!

      Haha, I'm doing both for the same reasons! Well, I would be, if I could drag my wife away from Skyrim...

    I'll see if SimCity will let me play it this arvo. If not, taking it back and picking up Tomb Raider most likely. That and more DOTA

    Vita games. Stranger's Wrath Mort Kom Vita, Sonic Racing and Dissidia Duodecim.

    Dissidia is addicting me again. I'm getting angry but can't stop. I lose and retry too many times before running off with my tail between my legs to go level up.

    Back to Mass Effect with the Citadel DLC release and a new Shepard to start.

      Me too, I started a new Shepard when ME1 came out in order to play through the trilogy on PS3, and was just starting ME3 when Citadel was announced, so its one last wild ride before I go back to grinding out platinum on ME1.

    From playing games lately, I've got a lot of inflammation in my hands, and my right shoulder (mouse trigger finger) is sore as all hell. So I might take a break from games and read a book. I just got a biography of Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead that should cover the weekend nicely. I'll probably soak up a few beers as well - just to do my bit for the nation.

    Hopefully some more of the ARMA III Alpha. Will source some SP and Co-Op missions to play on.

    Finishing Far Cry 3 tonight, then Crysis 3 as Tomb Raider hasn't arrived yet.

    I'm going home for the weekend, so most likely only random iOS games and a 3ds game (haven't decided which one to bring :P)

    If I wasn't going home, I'd be holed up here playing Tomb Raider!

    trying to get the backlog down, prob prestige black ops 2 then sell it, still got creed 3 and crysis 3 which I havent started, preordered gears judgment and grid 2 this week, contemplating getting either tomb raider from nzgameshop or preordering the last of us.

    Screw Tomb Raider, that game sucks (at least, this is what I keep telling myself until I get around to buying it).

    I'm playing Catherine. So evil, in so many different ways.

      When you do buy it you will keep telling yourself you must be crazy because it is that good. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!
      Then make all your friends buy it.

    Dishonoured, Quantum Conundrum, MGS HD collection.

      Get your butt into TAY, it is missed

        The feeling is mutual, but the amount of work i got done this week will probably buy me 2 weeks bludging in TAY, so its a trade off :P

        Also, becuase i've been catching up on the last few months worth fo podcasts I don't feel like I've been missing out :P

        Last edited 08/03/13 1:47 pm

          I've not listened to any of the podcasts

          I find even with something like an audiobook I get distracted

          Music is something I really get into when I listen to it, but it is also something that can be listened to in the background while I game

          And due to my anxiety I find concentrating hard

          Hence no podcasts :P

            I tried to isten to the podcasts at work, but couldn't concentrate on my work. TAY had already helped em get way behind, so I had to stop.

            Then i dl'ed like 7 of the latest podcasts and listent to them int eh car. It is a 40 min drive each to work each morning, and the same getting home, so the podcast has been awesome at passing that time.

            Yes I agree flu's voice is great but nothing beats @doc_what's accent :)

            Also if the babies ar ein the car for some reaosn they get super excited and start clapping etc whenever the 8 bit music between segments comes on :)

              Wait till you meat the doc for real

              His accent is amazing :)

                I will never meet him. SA TAY MEAT never happens IRL :(

                  Yeah man if SA TAY MEAT is RARE
                  NSW + SA TAY MEAT must be positivly RAW :S

                  Lets take this silliness to TAY before it bothers the other guests :P

    Rage and Mechwarrior Online

      Rage, I would reinstall it, if it didn't have massive lag spikes for me

      Not for any reason based on my PC's specs though

      And how is the workshop content?

        Workshop content?
        I don't have a workshop :P

          Smart ass :P

          I mean the Steam Workshop

          I thought id had released the dev tools so people were modding RAGE now

    If I can get them to work again:
    * SimCity 4 Rush Hour,
    * SImCity 3000, or
    * SimCity 2000

    I'm currently thinking 3000. It starting going down hill with 4 and now we have a complete train wreak with the current one.

    Tomb Raider (while my girlfriend is at work and not playing it herself). Maybe Hitman: Blood Money.

    I'll be finishing off Tomb Raider, and probably catching up with friends via BL2 or Ragnarok Odyssey. Also Pokemon Black 2, Deponia and Virtue's Last Reward.

    Just got Metal Gear Rising Revengence so starting that, also quantum conundrum and maybe a bit of Lost Odyssey on the xbox

    If I get a chance to play anything, it'll probably be Crysis 3 as I haven't had a chance to play it yet. As much as I'm itching to play Sim City, I think I'll just wait until the dust settles.

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