What Are You Playing This Weekend

It's only March and already I'm accumulating quite the 2013 pile of shame. Dead Space 3, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Tomb Raider. These are all games I have yet to finish. But you know what, I'll probably spend this weekend playing Ridiculous Fishing on the iOS. I have to be honest here...

That said, I'm actually really enjoying Tomb Raider, so I'll do my level best to finish it over the weekend. But there's so much non-gaming stuff I have to do. Argh. Cleaning, looking after my kid, watching UFC 158. Still, I have to finish off at least one of these games, right?

Anyways, what are you all playing this weekend?


    New Vegas, if I get any time for it

      I've been smashing through a tonne of that recently, till Tomb Raider and SimCity showed up :P

      In case you haven't heard of it, look into getting the Project Nevada mod for NV, and the radio mod "RACE". They're fantastic!

      FYI all my saves corrupted and now I've given up

      I'm gonna be playing 3 this weekend. Got it for $5 in that XBL sale.

    I just got Sleeping Dogs, and I'm also really into XCOM.

    Edit: Also, I'm really keen to try out a board game I bought last week - Serenissima (http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/135281/serenissima-second-edition).

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    Tomb Raider
    Heart of the Swarm
    SimCity (Maybe, I lost my city and I just cbf starting again.)

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      Heart of the Swarm for me too! And I'll finally finish Red Dead Redemption, then move onto Undead Red Dead.

    Did not get to play anything all this week, so my answer is same as last week: Catherine, and also maybe some Max Payne 3.

      Catherine is awesome, I'm sure you'll appreciate the difficulty level too!

      So good. My game o the year last year!

    Will be finishing off Tomb Raiders single player and then trying the multi out. Also maybe playing some TOR because they're having a double xp weekend.

      Hmm, I may try the TR multi as well. Finished this glorious game the other day.

    I'll be playing Dark Souls this weekend because it's the only game my husband has never complained about me playing while he's around. I wish I'd discovered this sooner, I'd be way further into the game by now. :D

    Finished tales of vesperia last night! Heading back into xcom again unless tomb raider tempts me to start. Try and keep on a roll and finish some games I have started though...

    GOW Judgement Beta if it's up.

    GOW Ascension

    The Last of Us Demo (Can I play it already? haven't opened it yet)

    Tomb Raider

    Maybe also Naruto Ninja Storm 3

    I'll be dividing my time between Dishonored and Shadows of the Damned

      Amusingly your name fits your post.

    Vita, if I'm lucky P4G will have arrived today, but I doubt it

      I'm at the pointy end of the P4 anime... don't knwo how closely the story follows that of the game though.

        I'll check that outta after I finish the game I guess.

        Man, the game looks so good!

    The latest Virtua Fighter I grabbed for a fiver during the 360 dale. WIll check that out.

      or sale, but whatves :p

    God of war via ps+
    Trying to power up an Atari 800XL - anyone got an appropriate power pack lying around?

      Does it not take a cord end you could buy at a Dick Smiths?
      I remember having to do that for my Gameboy back in the day, back before everyone changed their cord ends so you couldn't!

        Sadly - no. It uses an 8-pin DIN plug. (Similar to a commodore 64). I vaguely remember seeing one in my storage - but now can't find it. I think ebay might be the easiest solution.

          Just don't get it from HongKong, their electronics is full of fail.

    Atelier Rorona
    DOTA 2

    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky!

    And... Hatsune Miku Project Diva f :-)

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      Have you started Legends yet? Keen to check that out eventually.

        Yeah I've just completed the tutorial. It's pretty good on the Vita. I like the battle system and the writing is great too. Lots of humour without being too slapstick. Looking forward to playing some more.

          Cool, will check that out :D

    God of War Ascension, Tomb Raider, Sim City, and after what I've been reading this morning, I'll definitely be checking out Ridiculous Fishing. Sounds amazing.

    I should also get around to finishing Antichamber, but I'm worried I've spent so long away from it I'll have forgotten how it all works and how the rooms link up...

    Tales of Graces F, Tomb Raider, Valkryia Chronicles II and some Blops 1 online.

    Don't bother with Dead space 3. It doesn't deserve to be in anyones "to play" list

    Doing my usual catch up with friends via Ragnarok Odyssey or Borderlands 2. Also, Ar Tonelico Qoga, Pokemon Black 2, Chaos on Deponia and possibly Virtue's Last Reward.

    I should give Max Payne 3 another shot, but I will probably download and play all the DLC for Mass Effect 3 and/or Sleeping Dogs. this is my first weekend in awhile where I don't have any "go and do something not near the Xbox all day" type commitments. I do have to go buy a fridge tomorrow morning, but hopefully I will have some time for gaming.

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    BF3 End Game, World of Tanks and might get the new Starcraft or Simcity or Farcry 3...mmm Simcity... no Starcraft.......brain meltdown.

    HotS, most likely. Really enjoying the campaign, so far, much better tha WoL (but I may just be biased; Zerg are much more fun to play than Terran, esp with Kerrigan's abilities). Never really got into it before, although I've been watching competitive matches since WoL came out, but having a blast with HotS. Sadly, Tomb Raider and MGR:R will have to wait...

      I reckon they both have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to enjoying terran and Zerg, for example in WOL I loved building tank lines and little sim cities, however with zerg I love the compact colonies and the more freedom of resource management.

      I'm enjoying HotS simply because it feels like Warcraft 3 campaign and I liked the Warcraft 3 campaign.

      Being able to spawn banelings that splinter and also heal your units is just insane. That covers a good chunk of my strategy in campaign missions: make banelings, blow shit up, make more banelings.

      Once I'm done with the campaign, I think I'll jump onto ladder and test out the new Protoss units. Skytoss just looks obscenely sexy right now. Oracles, Void Rays and Tempest, oh my!

        Oh, yea, some of the evolutions are insane. I'm loving having pretty much auto-respawning zerglings thanks to the quick-hatching evo and Kerrigan's auto-respawn ability - constantly replenished army with little effort. So amazing. Can't wait to find out what the Hydra's evos will be... XD

          You get a choice between being able to transform them into Lurkers from Starcraft Brood War (burrowed units that shoot out lines of spikes, very good at dealing with light units) and a unit I can't remember that acts like a Sunken Colony from Starcraft (basically a better Spine Crawler but this one doesn't need creep)

          This game really does have a lot of fun options. I went with Raptor lings instead of the fast spawning ones. Kind of regretting that but lings a leaping are still great fun.

            Yea, found that over the weekend. Frankly, the muta and hydra evos were somewhat disappointing. The swarm host and ultralisk evos more than made up for them, though :P Realised afterwards that I went with purple evolutions every time. Bouncy banelings are so much fun!

    Games night with a few mates tonight, so we'll be playing tons of multiplayer games. Smash Bros Brawl, NSMBW, Mario Strikers, Mario Tennis (cube), Fifa etc.

    But in terms of single player for the rest of the weekend - finishing Tomb Raider. I'm about 80% of the way through and loving it!

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