What Are You Playing This Weekend

Well, I'm in Boston at the moment. It's freezing! Anyway, my gaming this weekend will be limited to whatever I check out on the PAX show floor. I guess I could play some more Ridiculous Fishing on my iPhone, but I probably won't have any time! What are you all playing this weekend?

Yep, humble brag!

There's a lot to check out here, so I'll be posting over the weekend. So in between playing whatever you're playing, feel free to check in!


    Old school Runescape.

    Heading away North to visit my Grandmother first thing Saturday morning, so I won't be getting much gaming in this weekend. I wanted to continue with Catherine and Sleeping Dogs (the reports are true, so much fun!), but think I'll end up playing Bit.Trip.Collection and maybe Miles Edgeworth Investigations.

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      How's Catherine?

        Dammit, gremlins ate my original post...

        It's OK. I like the style, that it covers topics games usually don't, and the well-integrated puzzle elements. But the puzzles can very frustrating at times, and the anime can get pretty hokey...

        I will finish it (currently at day6 of 9, I think), and will probably run through again on easy to experience a different ending, but I can't say that I love it.

          Anime hokey? Wattaya mean?

          I played on easy and I still had heaps of trouble, have you tried out the arcade cabinet in the bar?
          I got to a point and just couldn't figure it out anymore.

          Yeah, it really is a "mature" story. I like it a lot.

            Have you listened to the dialogue. Some of it is terrible.

              Hmmmmm, I dunoo, sounded like the usual anime fare to me.
              Not too many excellent voice actors in that field.

              I guess I just went in prepared.

              (I love anime, I always choice subbed when I can)

    Need to finish HotS off, then will probably play MH3U for 48 hours straight. Also decided I need to actually play through the Crysis games, especially now I upgraded my PC.

      If my internet gets back up and running, i'll download the Fallout Hi resolution patch and give that great game another run.
      If not probably Tomb Raider and some Lufia 2 on my tablet.
      Might even try to finish bioshock 2 in preperation of next week.

      Sorry @cody wasn't supposed to be a reply to you

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        Lufia 2 is amazing, probably my fave snes game. Still have a copy for my snes :D

    Well, I made the mistake of playing "a bit" of Civ 5 last week for the first time in quite a while, so I'll be probably sitting at my desk saying "just one more turn" for most of the weekend. I bought a Vita last week too and I'll probably continue playing Persona 4 Golden because "Every Day's Great At Your Junes". :)

      Me too! I need to play more of Tomb Raider (only 6% in) balanced that with some writing, gym and Civ 5!

    Persona 4 Golden, Shinren Kagura Shinobi Vs.

    And SimCity. The Mayor of "Doucheburg" must attend to his peeps...

      How's the bouncing bewbi ninja game gameplay ??


        ^ is the only appropriate answer. Didn't even bother reading the reviews before I got it. A part of me is ashamed of myself...

        Actually though its a pretty fun little button masher....if you ever get out of the touch screen boob jiggling feature in the dressing room...

          Haha! That's it's whole reason for being panties&boobs. Heh.

          Yeah, I was unsure how hollow the rest of the experience would be.

            hahaha yeah exactly. When you get this game, you're not getting it for the actual game.

            But luckily its fun enough that youre not just bored in-between trying to activate the cutscenes where you or your opponents' clothes get sliced up. I found myself actually skipping some of those after a while...

              Gonna give it a miss, I think.
              Thanks :)

    I'll probably play some Ragnarok Odyssey with friends this weekend. Outside of that I'm hoping to play some combination of Ar Tonelico Qoga, Pokemon Black 2, SC2: HotS, Chaos on Deponia and probably some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

    Managed to knock over the last sections of tales of vesperia and xcom last weekend so this weekend will be the end of tomb raider. Awesome game, needs some harder puzzles though. First tomb raider I have played properly so not sure how it stacks against previous games.

    Woah woah woah woah... so you get to go to PAX East AND PAX Aus this year???

    Also i'll be playing Study Study Revolution. If i get bored of that, i'll probably catch up on some Study of the Dead.

    What a life i lead :|

      Indeed. I get to play ASSIGNMENT Z. After that I get to play some WORLD OF ASSIGNMENTCRAFT, after THAT I get to load up and play some ASSIGNMENT-DOGS, after THAT I get to finally play some ASSIGNMENT-COM.

      After that, by sunday night, I may be able to play some Plants vs Assignmentbies...

    I'm playing the "being jealous of Mark Serrels being in Boston" game right now.

    It's going quite well, 8/10 would play again.

    But seriously I just knocked Rage off my pile of shame so now I'm deciding what to play next, the choices are DmC, Dragon Age, Bioshock 2, Silent Hill 2 and 3, and I still need to get back to Armored Core V to finish that off.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Otherwise I can say nuts to all that and keep playing Mechwarrior in my new Jagermech, 'tis good fun.

      I would suggest Silent Hill 2 next.

        I've played it before, one of my fave games actually, but haven't played 3 so it's worth braving the HD edition for :)

          3 is amazing, my personal fave SH :)

            While I prefer 2, 3 was pretty good. Also, the recent Silent Hill Revelations movie is a fairly solid adaptation of it.

              I only got through about 10mins but what I saw seemd VERY dumbed down.
              I think later in they may change key scenes for nonsense sake.

              I will sit through it.

                Well, it is an adaptation of a game and has to be dumbed down/strreamlined, but still a ok watch.

                  I liked the first for what it was and it literally had a scene where they just straight up explain everything.

                  I knew people that still had no idea what was going on o_O

              I watched Your Highness last weeked.

              "Don't put that in your mouth, IT"S DEAD!"

              Hilarious, confused, enjoyed my time. :)

                Hooray! Yeah, tasteless and pretty bad but damn it, it was still funny.

                My only real problem with it is the complete waste of a fairly big name like Zooey Deschanel. She was basically a prop. But still, guess everyone has to get paid. Heck, Natalie Portman was only in it to kill some time because Black Swan was having budget issues.

                  The whole thing is a mis-use of money.

                  So many big set-pieces and decent special effects for such a low-brow comedy? It just makes no sense.
                  Some of the concepts (like the snake hand thing) would have worked just as well in a normal fantasy flick, was it supposed to be funny?

                  There were way less jokes than I anticipated, actually I felt the same way about Tropic Thunder.
                  I liked 'em both, but did they have to spend that much cash??


                  That's the really baffling thing. If they had set out to make a serious fantasy epic they could have done it EASILY! They had a pretty good concept and budget.

                  Instead they threw in some tits and dick jokes and Danny McBride got to ham it up playing a spoiled brat with a heart of gold. At least it wasn't a full on stoner comedy that went nowhere (which is kind of what I was expecting, i.e.: Pineapple Express meets Dungeons & Dragons).

            I love SH2's story, but the original is still my favourite because Harry Mason is awsome! :D
            SH3 is still very awesome though, I love all the unlockables you can get and it's connection to the original SH game.
            Sorry, enough of my Silent Hill ramblings. :)

              Yeah, I think the rewards for replaying 3 really made me want to replay. Even though they are awesome, the endings just weren't enough to keep me coming back in 2.

      I hope those Silent Hill 2 & 3 are not from the Silent Hill HD Collection.

      It was virtually unplayable for me on my PS3.

        Yeah, I hear horrible things.

        Yeah... 360 :/

          I don't think the patch did much for PS3 anyway. There are problems that just aren't technical.

          I heard the Xbox version is fine.

          Even after that patch, my PS3 verison of Silent Hill 2 was just going into seizures.

        It wasn't so bad on Xbox. My wife is an avid SH fan and while there were issues with them, they were playable.

        Sadly we can't play our original PS2 versions because the PS2 is dead. I feel like I should buy one cheap before they become rare now that they've stopped making them, but there's probably 200 million of them in circulation.

          I have one sitting around that I was wondering what to do with. Should work but there are no cables. If you're happy to wait a few weeks, I'll bring it down with my when I move to Sydney and you can grab it whenever.

            Appreciate the offer but I think I also gave away my only memory card to Aleph when I sent him a copy of MGS2 awhile back.

      Dragon Age or Silent Hill 3!! (did you play Silent Hill 1, 3 ties into one A LOT)

        Yeah I love SH2 the most but having played SH1 and 3 there is a sombre feeling you get seeing how it all plays out. Best horror trilogy ever!!... maybe.

      Dude. I actually really enjoyed RAGE. I mean it wasn't the greatest game, but I played it last year and it didnt suck... just didnt live up to its own hype perhaps? Anyway, My vote for Bioshock 2.

        Yeah the gameplay was good fun, but the last mission or two just seemed to run out of steam, and then the ending was very abrupt and flat. As if they were building to a big ending and 3/4 of the way through they ran out of money and had to tie it up then and there.

    More Dark Souls!
    Seriously, I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to be playing a game my husband wants to watch me play and even suggests I play it.

    And I bought Ridiculous Fishing this week so I'll probably play some more of that, too. I really didn't expect it to be as fun as it is.

    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (pretty old school in its difficulty)
    ME3 - some multplayer and Citadel DLC that I haven't gotten around to yet...
    Hatsune Miku Project Diva f - mmmm, imported goodness (and improving my japanese language skills)

    Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider and Simcity.. yes.. THAT Simcity.. I like Simcity enough to keep starting new cities.. the first few hours of each city is kinda fun still..

    well at the moment im playing KH 358/2 Days then probably move to Crysis 1.

    I picked up Trials Evolution Gold on the PC, and I love it so far. First time playing a Trials game and I finally understand what the fuss is all about. It's awesome, so I'll be playing a lot of that. Trying to finish off Tomb Raider as well.

    Also, for the sake of having something new to talk about on my podcast, I picked up The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct yesterday. It's horrible. I might force myself to play a bit more of it, but ugh. So bad.

    I'm going to play Bastion (which I bought the other day for that cheap cheap price), and probably unlock more achievements in HotS.

    Tomb Raider, I reckon. Been enjoying it so far, but I can't say I'm buying into the the whole feeling protective of her thing. Just like any other character, when she does something awesome I'm all "Look what I just did!" and when she gets skewered by a pole, I'm all "lol, what a silly wench".

    Well, cakesmith gifted me Mark of the Ninja so it would be remiss of me not to load it up.

    I also promise to try Max Payne 3 again even though I got really annoyed with it. I feel like I'm letting Shiggy down if I don't give it another try.

    I also need to play the Year of the Snake DLC for Sleeping Dogs though going back into play the other DLCs has reminded me how great Sleeping Dogs was so I might have to start a second playthrough.

      Ugh, you've just reminded my of Max Payne 3. I was plugging away, nmostly enjoying it, then my save got corrupted or something and a bunch of my progress was lost. I just couldn't be arsed playing through the bit's I'd already done again. Maybe one day.

        I only stopped playing because I got frustrated by the bit where you're sniping in the football stadium. I got messed up because there was one guy I just couldn't see so I failed. On my next attempt none of my shots seemed to land so I failed again. I tried the third time, same thing, so I ragequit.

        I was probably just having a bad day.

        Edit: Incidentally, what happened to you happened to me with Batman: Arkham City. I did play through until I got up to the bit I was at before my save got corrupted, but by that point I just didn't care anymore.

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    I'm really hoping Persona 4 Golden arrives today. Otherwise, more Odin Sphere. :)


      I'm tempted to buy this, my Wii U needs some love :P
      I've never played a monster hunter game before, and the demo on the 3DS was annoying me (camera)

      I downloaded the Wii U demo, I should play it to see if I like the game (2nd analog stick should solve camera problems I'd imagine).

    - Heart of the Swarm.

    - Arkham Asylum (4th playthrough).

    - Tomb Raider.

    Sitting in front of my giant TV and PS3, playing Need for Speed on my Vita (Cause' it's awesome...). Started playing Tomb Raider on the PC last night and am thoroughly enjoying it, so might keep going with that. Got back into the Killzone series in anticipation for Mercenary and Shadow Fall (I know, I'm hella' early!..).

    Might play a bit of Tomb Raider multi. Also I'll probably start The Walking Dead. Bought the episodes on PSN yesterday for a grand total of $15 or so. Looking forward to playing it!

    I've been so busy with work that I didn't realise it was already Friday!
    After getting bored with SimCity last weekend (it's crazy easy once you can build TV's) I have no real games I'm interested in... Maybe I'll fire up Ni No Kuni again and play through some of the post game content.

    Nothing this weekend.
    Just kidding. Age of Empires III and Armored Core V! \o/

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    Atelier Ayesha. Its release prompted me to finally play the previous two games Totori and Meruru, which I went through non-stop the last couple of weeks and now straight into Ayesha this week.

    Seriously loving the game so far, even more than the previous two. Arland was a lot of fun but this new world has really drawn me in.

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