What Are You Playing This Weekend?

BioShock Infinite, right? Yeah we could probably just end this discussion there, really.

But the thing is, this is the Easter Weekend which means, in my particular situation, that family stuff rules. I have no choice. I'm actually going camping for the entire long weekend. Camping.

I hate camping more than anything else in the world. I like sleeping in beds. I like air conditioning. I like putting my food in a fridge and I like cooking on a stove. I don't like putting up tents, getting four hours sleep and being at the mercy of goddamn mother nature. I hate all these things.

I also like being able to play BioShock Infinite, but yeah... that's not going to happen.

Please friends, allow me to live vicariously through you — what are you planning to play this weekend?


    mostly Bioshock Ifinite and Just Cause 2 for me, bit of star trek episodes then the new Doctor who ep on Sunday on the ABC

    Unlucky Mark. I'll be playing Bioshock infinite and Gears of war judgment.

    PS gears is $39.20 at jb online today only.

    Bioshock Infinite and wander around the Tomb Raider island a bit more.

    BioShock for sure.
    That and Sly Cooper: Thieves in time.
    Perhaps LoL when Riot get their ass into gear and make the game playable after deploying a patch, also -___-

    You know what the worse thing about camping is? The bogans. And of course, the complete lack of technology.

    I'll be playing more Tomb Raider — seriously impressed by that game. It has incredible sound design too, to go along with those purty graphics.

    Real pool plus Diddy Kong racing and Mario Kart 64

      Awesome =D

    Bioshock Infinite, maybe episode 1/5 of Walking Dead that I downloaded last night.

    I love camping . I will be playing dark souls.

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    Uni study...It's going to be a great weekend for sure

    Not much, I get to work most public holidays and weekends, might play some DS if i have time

    Infinite! I keep having to pick my jaw off the floor. Wow.

    finished bioshock on tuesday night so i might get back into heart of the swarm and maybe shogun total war

    FINALLY getting a solid block of free time to attack my pile...
    This is what's on the menu:

    - Continuing Biohazard 6 co-op with my girlfriend (We just started the Jake/Sherry campaign)
    - Continuing Tomb Raider (VERY impressed so far...)

    Finishing Dead Space 3. Playing bit of Battlefield 3. Leaving Bioshock till after I get and finish Crysis 3 and Starcraft HOS.

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate!

    Already have like 45 hours D:

    Bioshock Infinite, and maybe some Megaman 3. Fixed my NES :D

      Megaman FTW ! !

    Finished Red Faction 1 last weekend, this time i'm going to try to finish Fallout 3

      Red Faction 1 is one of my favourites - it brings back so many good memories for me ... you have good taste :D Same goes with the fallout series!

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, very simple truck simulator but very addictive. Also finish off last DLC for Mass Effect and then some Just Cause. Love long weekends.

    I'm playing Project Zomboid and League of Legends. And maybe some other stuff, I guess?

    Will probably actually finish Max Payne 3 and the guiltiest pleasure CS:GO

    Starcraft, crafting stars, gonna craft some stars in Starcraft! 2! HotS!

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