What Are You Playing This Weekend?

BioShock Infinite, right? Yeah we could probably just end this discussion there, really.

But the thing is, this is the Easter Weekend which means, in my particular situation, that family stuff rules. I have no choice. I'm actually going camping for the entire long weekend. Camping.

I hate camping more than anything else in the world. I like sleeping in beds. I like air conditioning. I like putting my food in a fridge and I like cooking on a stove. I don't like putting up tents, getting four hours sleep and being at the mercy of goddamn mother nature. I hate all these things.

I also like being able to play BioShock Infinite, but yeah... that's not going to happen.

Please friends, allow me to live vicariously through you — what are you planning to play this weekend?


    Bioshock Infinite, StarCraft 2 and maybe a bit of X-com on the ye old hectic gaming PC.
    Bioshock maxed in Eyefinity is just too crazy to want to do much else though.

    Thinking I should put a couple more hours into Ni No Kuni though. Got maybe 20 hours in and left it for the staggering amount of other releases. Worse release scheduling ever!

    Fire Emblem demo, Assassin's Creed III and maybe League of Legends.

    I'm checking out Bioshock, and will be Hanging With Mr. (Sly) Cooper later. Some friends and I have been finishing up BL2 DLC on TVHM for next week's cap increase and UVHM and will probably play some other games as well. I still have Pokemon Black 2 running in the background as well as Starcraft 2: HotS and I'm thinking maybe I should finally get around to finishing Bastion...

    Persona 4, or really anything I can go portable with. Mostly persona though :p

    Just finished Bioshock Infinite and wow what a awesome game. Single player FPS doesn't usually do it for me but the story kept me hooked in. Steam has GTA IV Complete Edition on special this weekend for $7.50 so thats next on my list.

    it "was" Bioshock Infinite on PS3 until it glitched! The Crow never dropped the Murder of Crows vigor when I defeated him. Booker made reference to it however it is just not there. Nothing left to do but pay attention to my family...

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