What The Unreal Engine 4 Can Do For A Game That’s $300,000 Short

What The Unreal Engine 4 Can Do For A Game That’s $300,000 Short

Project Awakened is supposed to be a big open-world action game that lets you play as any super-hero you could dream up.

But it’s $US300,000 short of its Kickstarter goal with but five days to go. That’s probably why we now get to see a glimpse of what the next-gen Unreal Engine 4 could do for this kind of that. That’s what Awakened‘s team at Phosphor Games are showing in the video above.

Like what you see? Then study up about Project Awakened‘s Kickstarter page.

Project Awakened Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) Tech Demonstration [YouTube]


  • It saddens me that this game won’t hit its funding goal, it has a lot of very cool potential.

    Also, Austin Wintory has been signed on to do music for it, which sounds wonderful.

    • I’m with you friend. I don’t know if it’s kickstarter losing appeal, but this game looks fantastic. It really has no chance of reaching it’s goal. And as for the title of this post, it would appear that an unreal 4 does nothing for a game 300k short. 🙁

  • The details about the project are written too much like an advertisement. No down to earth explanation how they plan to achieve their goals, no deep coverage of game-play, no reasons given why they believe using Kickstarter will succeed. It’s just one big ‘look at these graphics! give us money!’ schemes.

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