While You Were Sleeping

It's Monday and I've forgotten my contacts. I'M BLIND! I'm sitting two inches from the screen and typing furiously. This is While You Were Sleeping, let's get to what happened over the weekend!

Yarr, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag be the leakiest ship that ever set sail. Not only did the existence of the game leak early, but then concept art, and then the game's map. Then someone went and leaked an actual trailer. Are these leaks deliberate? It's out of control. Anyways — go and watch the trailer. Hilariously, EB Games is already taking pre-orders!

I don't think there's a human being on this earth born after 1980 that isn't terrified of clowns. This is a list of the scariest clowns and jesters in games.

And finally — the art director on Journey and Flower just started his own studio. I'll watch your career with great interest young Skywalker. Also — this is how you get up to speed on Dark Souls in just one minute!

In Short Get Up To Speed On Dark Souls In One Minute The Art Director On Journey And Flower Just Formed His Own Studio EB Games Already Offering Pre-Orders Of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag The Scariest Clowns And Jesters In Games Assassin's Creed IV Is Our October 29 According To This Leaked Trailer


    A 'leak' is a proven way to get free newsvertisement coverage for a game/movie/whatever. There's no way this many leaks could be anything but totally calculated and deliberate.

    Nice little Tidbit;

    Yu Suzuki considering crowd-funding for Shenmue 3 :D

    Bring it on Suzuki-San!

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