While You Were Sleeping

Today's While You Were Sleeping is less about news and more about some seriously cool things that were posted on the site. Well there is some news, but just be prepared — today's post is less newsy and jam packed with little curios. Let's get cracking.

Okay first the newsy part. Those of you still waiting for Shenmue III, just when you thought you could move on with your life and forget about it, apparently the game's creator still really wants to make the next game in the series. Let it go man... let it go!

And here's some more info on Gears of War: Judgement. I'm quite keen to gauge the interest for this title. I played it last week and I felt like I was just a little bit over the feel of the game. I didn't really feel the need to go back to that universe. How are you feeling about a new Gears of War game?

Remember those terrifying real-life Metal Gears? Those things that are machines but move like human beings? Now they can throw bricks. Oh Jesus Christ...

This is the X-Wing bed we all wanted as kids (and as adults) and this is a pretty cool gaming room.

In Short Report: Shenmue Creator Still Wants To Do Shenmue III Gears Of War: Judgement Isn't All Prequel After All No Shame In Being Afraid Of A Gaming Room Full Of Space Guns And Swords X-Wing Bed Gives Boy The Coolest Childhood On Record America's Real Metal Gear Can Now Throw Bricks



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