While You Were Sleeping

I am awake, barely. How are you all feeling this morning? Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, where we round up the news coming in overnight and post pictures of babies.

Sim City. Its launch was a bit borked. This irritates me no end. People pay their money for a product and they have to deal with this. It's inexcusable. If you're going to distribute games like this, and you're going to force people to be using this 'always online' system, it has to work, and it has to work smoothly. No excuses. No excuses at all.

Man, I'm starting to sound a little bit like this guy!

Want some more info on the upcoming Layton game? Of course you do! It's here, and it was sit well with your expectations. This is a ridiculous Minecraft town. Ridiculous.

And finally, take a look at the crazy things you might find in vending machines in Japan. I thought this was cool. Very cool.

In Short Sim City Launch Plagued By Locked Games, Download Issues And Server Queues Hey Sim City Fix Your Servers So Francis Can Get His Free Disaster 50,000 People Used To Live Here, Now It's A Minecraft Town Layton's Final Game Is Exactly What You've Come To Expect From The Series The Wild And Wonderful World Of Japanese Vending Machines


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