While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone — anyone managed to pay Sim City yesterday? Hahaha... [dissolves into tears]. Yeah, it seems like that mess is still untangling itself.

Sim City. What in the hell? It's a disaster. That's the only word for it. Absolute disaster. And it continues. Apparently EA is now stating that game performance will fluctuate as the folks over at Maxis attempt to fix the game's problems. In a lot of ways I actually feel bad for Maxis. They just want their game to be played, presumably. The fact that people can't play it must be as frustrating as all hell. Stay tuned for updates.

If it makes you feel any better, some people in Japan are seeing errors on their Wii U that stops them from accessing firmware updates. Just in case other people's misery makes you feel better about your own. I find that sometimes works.

Remember To The Moon? It's getting a sequel. That's cool. These are the awesome giant monsters of Japanese video games, and this is what Japanese people are saying about the PlayStation 4.

In Short EA Game Performance Will Fluctuate As Sim City Creators Attempt To Fix Problems Here's What Japanese People Are Saying About The PS4 Wii U Error Prevents Access To Online Beta And Firmware Updates In Japan Indie Gem To The Moon Gets A Sequel, Sort Of The Awesome Giant Monsters Of Japanese Video Games


    I find it quite easy to have absolutely no sympathy for developers and publishers who insist their game must have an always online connection if it doesn't need one.

    Dark Souls, that confidence crushing game, has online features, is somewhat meant to be played in jolly co-operation (or dastardly trolling) and it doesn't need to be online. Forcing users to connect to servers simply to play a game they paid good money for is inexcusable, moreso when those servers simply aren't up to the task.

    Stiff turd, Maxis and EA.

      Stiff turd. *sagely nodding*

    @markserrels - not sure if this is the right place to ask, but what's the story with the mobile version of kotaku? Hasn't been working for a couple of days now - just goes to the full version of the site, which isn't easy to read on my phone on the way to work!

      go to the bottom of the page, and one of the tabs at the bottom should say "switch to mobile version" or something like that, that should work

        Nah, already tried that. It still just loads the full version of the site, not the mobile version.

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