While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. Let's get newsy.

Some day, probably in the distant future, we'll get some idea of the real, actual decision process with SimCity and how it all went wrong. But for now I can't help thinking that there's a lot of conjecture and spin. Take this video for example — which shows SimCity's debug mode running almost unlimited offline play. What the hell? I wish someone could just be honest for a second about this game. What is actually possible here? Just how necessary is the always online thing?

This is interesting: Japanese developers weigh in on the PlayStation 4. Well worth reading.

Mega Man Online has been cancelled. What does it take to actually release a Mega Man game in this day and age? This is some seriously fancy Blazblue cosplay and here is what I know you've all been waiting for: a guide to Japanese capsule hotels! I love those things!

In Short Rumour: New Video Shows SimCity's Debug Mode, Almost Unlimited Offline Play Japanese Developers Weigh In On The PS4 So Mega Man Online Has Been Cancelled Your Guide To Japanese Capsule Hotels This BlazBlue Cosplay Will Knock Your Teeth Out


    Last night, preorders for Bioshock Infinite on Steam finally unlocked TF2 hats and in a matter of hours, the last 100% block has jumped up to 11%. At this rate, XCOM is actually likely to be unlocked. I guess TF2 hats are a big motivator!

    If XCOM is unlocked, and you haven't played Bioshock before, and you like TF2 hats, and you have an American friend, it's well worth getting them to buy the game for you, what with the Australian tax of 33%.
    Otherwise, maybe you already have played/don't want XCOM and/or Bioshock, don't care for TF2 hats, or don't have a friend in the states, then you're better off buying Bioshock Infinite from GMG or whatever.

    Or maybe you're just smart enough to stop preordering games, after Aliens: Colonial Marines and SimCity DRM Edition.

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