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SimCity seriously just can't catch a break. Weekend Editor Logan Booker wrote this story. Apparently another hacker confirms that an offline mode could be created in SimCity could be done with absolute ease.

And there was more Tomb Raider stuff. First off this: I laughed at the headline alone. One job Tomb Raider bus. One job. This second story is all about tech and performance testing of the Tomb Raider. This stuff goes over my head because I'm a dummy, but I'm sure some of you will get a lot out of it.

After all these years we have a Zelda game that actually stars Zelda and this article poses an interesting question for me: will there be any consoles after the next generation? I'm going to say no.

In Short SimCity Hacker Confirms An Offline Mode Could Be Done With Absolute Ease Tomb Raider Bus Ad, You Had One Job This Week In The Business: After These Next Consoles I Don't Think There'll Be Any More After All These Years The Legend Of Zelda Now Stars Zelda Tomb Raider Performance Test Graphics And CPUs


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