While You Were Sleeping

Hey everyone, what's happening? I'm super tired! I'm guessing some of you feel the same! Let's rub the sleep out of our eyes with some news, shall we?

I never really fell in love with Bastion the way some folk did, but I really loved the ways the game innovated. The team's next project has now been revealed — it's a sci-fi RPG and it looks awesome.

I love this story, and I'm going to keep tracking it I think. It's the story of a woman who fled North Korea and now lives in Japan. She was shocked by cosplay among other things! I don't know why, but North Korea completely fascinates me.

There is a post for the lapsed and active Kingdom Hearts fans: these are the worlds that should totally be in the next Kingdom Hearts. Finally, I really love Satoru Iwata's Mother jacket and I want one, and this post proves that Space Jam goes with everything.

In Short These Worlds Should Totally Be In The Next Kingdom Hearts The Folks Behind Bastion Are Making A Sci-Fi RPG And It Looks Incredible Woman Flees North Korea And Is Shocked By Freedom And Cosplay Space Jam Goes With Everything Nintendo Bossman Has One Of The Coolest Video Game Jackets Ever


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