While You Were Sleeping

Heydiddlyho, it's time to catch up on what happened while you were sleeping. We have a juicy Final Fantaxy X-2 HD rumour, a look at the evolution of Japanese anime, and Steam launches Early Access.

Steam announced early this morning that it would be allowing people to play specified games that are still in development. Why? Steam says it wants gamers to "go behind the scenes" and give developers feedback on how they can make their games better. So is it like playing for beta access? Or is it more like a playable pre-order?

A Japanese magazine says the Final Fantasy X HD remake for PS3 will come bundled with a remastered version of its successor, Final Fantaxy X-2. It will apparently include all content from the international version and get a separate release on PS Vita.

Check out the evolution of Japanese anime from the 1960s to the present day. Hair got longer and lighter in colour, but the school uniforms seem to a constant throughout the decades.

In short: A Game Of Thrones Prequel? Maybe. Apparently, Virtual Reality In Team Fortress 2 Can Be Very Intense Leak Reinforces Rumours Of ‘Always Connected’ Future Xbox

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