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Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Normally I write this in a sleepy stupor at 7am. Today I'm writing it from another time zone! It's actually 5pm where I am. Time is amazing. Anyway, enough waffle. Time for news.

Kojima is the living manifestation of that old cliche 'marching to the beat of a different drum'. After the whole publicity stunt of 'Joakim Mogren', it looks as though he's more willing to talk about what he and his team are working on. Here he talks about the Fox Engine and what it's all about.

And speaking of Japanese developers — this is another of those posts where the thoughts of Japanese developers are collated — here they're talking about the PS4 (again). Worth reading.

This is how to take down a jet with a dirt bike in Battlefield 3. Apparently the Washington DC metro line makes for a brilliant Super Mario World map and I've added this last story for the headline alone: The Saints Row Special Edition Has Stuff That's Way Better Than A Severed Torso.

In Short Hideo Kojima: This Is What Fox Engine Is All About Once Again, Even More Japanese Developers Weigh In On The PS4 Now This Is How You Use A Dirt Bike To Take Down A Jet In Battlefield 3 The Saints Row IV Special Edition Has Stuff That's Way Better Than A Severed Torso Washington DCs Metro Line Makes A Perfect Super Mario World Map


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