While You Were Sleeping

It is Wednesday morning and I am awake! How are you all doing? Let's get some news kicking while you all decide.

The fact that Square Enix's Yoichi Wada is stepping down is probably —technically — the biggest news coming in overnight but, at the same time, there's not too much we can say about it other than the fact it happened. All we can say is it is a demotion and it's apparently part of a "management reorganisation". Apparently he's had to take a 60% pay cut. Ouch.

This is my favourite post from yesterday evening. It's a Super Metroid screenshot remastered into HD. It's... wow. Just look at it. It's glorious.

Earthbound hits the Japanese Wii U store. I WANT IT. This brave man has just invited GlaDOS into his own home and this is some seriously good looking BioShock Infinite cosplay.

In Short Square Enix's Yoichi Wada Is Stepping Down Earthbound Invades The Japanese Wii U With Lots Of Little Extras Brave Man Invites GlaDOS Into His Home And Onto His Roof BioShock Infinite Cosplay Is As Impressive As The Actual Game Super Metroid Screenshot Remastered Into HD In Photoshop, Looks Stunning


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