While You Were Sleeping

Alright wakey wakey. Time to get a grip on what went down while you were sleeping.

You know and I know that the Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer is super important and you all want to watch that right now! I respect that. This is why we stickied that bad boy to the top of the page. You can see it right? Okay, now we'll talk about some other things!

In addition to the MGS5 thing, we've also got information on another humdinger of an upcoming release: Grand Theft Auto V. New screenshots showing scuba diving and whatnot. Yes, Scuba diving. This excites me.

BioShock Infinite — remember it was supposed to come out on the Vita? Yeah, don't bank on that happening anytime soon. But still, here is a clip of the game actually running on a Vita!

This is genuinely cool, Kim Jung Un used a mouse in this picture. Now you can own it! What else? these terrible Star Wars figurines have become incredible video game figures, and this is a metric buttload of Valve concept art.

In Short New GTA V Screens Show Off Sunsets, Scuba Diving And Stormy Skies Oh Look, BioShock Infinite Running On A PlayStation Vita Own The Mouse That Kim Jong Un Wants To Destroy The World With Terrible Star Wars Figures Become Incredible Video Game Figures Fine Art: All The Valve Concept Art You Could Ever Need


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