While You Were Sleeping: PAX Edition

Hello everyone! I'm still here in Boston, and just got back from a pretty fruitful day of PAXing. I'll have some more posts going up throughout the day, so be sure to come back and check them out. But, for now, this is some of the interesting stuff coming in from overnight.

You might have seen this yesterday, but just in case you missed it — this incredible dress is made entirely out of Magic: The Gathering cards. Amazing. I should have expected this, but Magic: The Gathering is huge amongst PAX goers — every spare space seems to loaded with ongoing games. It's everywhere.

As is the cosplay. I've seen some pretty incredible cosplayers just walking around the show floor, but here are a couple of humdingers.

But what about actual news? Well, apparently the next Mass Effect is coming. It will be 'fresh' and it will be mostly made in Montreal. I'm sensing a Mass Effect: Rising/Judgement/Vengeance or something along those lines. Smells like 'spin-off'. Here is some new XCOM stuff, and this is what the fashionable Thief will be wearing next year!

In Short Next Mass Effect Will Be Fresh, New And Mostly Made In Montreal You'll Soon Be Able To Use XCOM Soldiers In Civilisation V The Cosplay Of PAX East Day One What The Fashionable Thief Will Be Wearing Next Year Her Amazing Dress Is Made Of Magic: The Gathering Cards


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