While You Were Sleeping: PAX Edition

It's Monday morning and, as you read, I'm sitting on a plane probably eating some god awful food whilst watching episodes of 30 Rock. For the past three days I've been trawling around PAX East, and it's been good. Also surprisingly newsy! Stuff was actually announced. Here's what you might have missed overnight.

I didn't go to the Firaxis panel, dumb move on my part. Thankfully Tina Amini from the US did because some genuinely interesting stuff came out of that panel. This is what the first playable version of XCOM looked like, and could this be a new XCOM game? XCOM, XCOM, XCOM?

Yeah, totally. XCOM.

In non-XCOM news, I found the BioShock Infinite panel quite interesting. It focused on the development of Elizabeth and how she will interact in accordance with the player. Interesting stuff. You should read it.

Finally: yes this Soda Drinking sim is a joke. I think it's a good one. And Civilization V's next expansion is out July 12.

In Short Could This Be A New XCOM Game In The Works Civilization V's Next Expansion, Brave New World, Is Out July 12 This Is A First-Person Soda Drinking Sim. It's The Weirdest Thing Ever BioShock Infinite: Elizabeth Is A Machine And You Are A Psychopath This Is What The First Playable Version Of XCOM: Enemy Unknown Looked Like


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