Win! One Of Ten G.I. Joe Retaliation Prize Packs

Wait a minute — Bruce Willis and The Rock are in the new G.I. Joe movie? Jesus. Alright, focus man, focus. We have ten G.I. Joe prize packs to give away, including movie tickets, laptop bags and external hard drives. Entering the comp is easy!

All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments below...

In the trailer you hear The Rock joke about catch phrases. Tell us what your personal catch phrase would be, and what situation you’d use it in. As always, please keep it clean!

In G.I Joe: Retaliation there is still an imposter in the White House. The world leaders are all under his control and it's up to the Joes to fight back. The movie hits cinemas in Australia on March 28.

Good luck everyone!

Terms and conditions can be found here!


    This could have gone better.

    Usage: Far, far too often.

    My personal catchphrase?

    "Sweep the leg Johnny."

    When? Every tuesday and thursday night. Every time I catch up with mates.

    My goddamn life has been the exact plot to the Karate Kid the last five years. The *exact* plot. I kid you not. Right down the wise mentor who taught me karate and took me all the way to the top to win a National championship. (Well, 2nd in Australia) *woot* I can prove it too!

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      So you were in the Kobra Kai?

        LOL no it's just better sounding I guess than 'wax on wax off' lol.

      Nicely done, as long as your life does not follow Karate Kid 3 you should turn out alright.

    "Swagmaster General, reporting for duty"

    I would (and do) say it whenever I enter a room.

    "Now that's what I call a sticky situation." - All the situations.

    A MAAAAAAAAANNNNNSSSS gotta do what a maans gotta do!
    (sorry watched Dr horrible again last night)

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    BRING ME MY BAN HAMMER!!! I play far too much CoD.

      lol my COD catch pharse is "For F%#k's Sake!!!", my missus rekons i must say it 100 times a night.

        I only speak in four letter words, one at a time when playing COD ;)

          Phew, wouldn't want to overwhelm anyone :P

    Catchphrase: I'm awesome.

    Used: all the time, because I'm awesome.

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    My time working in insurance claims has led to a lot of creative ways of saying someone is at fault, or a liar, etc. All in all I look for reasons why something was not the fault of our client.

    I feel like it'd be very satisfying to, just once, tell someone that yes, I am going to ruin their day, and there's not a goddamn thing they can do about it.

    So, I'd like to think that as I crack my knuckles and adjust my beret before beating someone in a fist fight, or just before letting go of them while holding them in balance over a dizzying precipice, I would say something like:

    "This time I AM the author of your misfortune."

    Edit: typos

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    'Drama Banana' tends to be my sig when the poop and the fan have a fistfight.

    I'd be a demolition expert and my phrases would be about the bodies I blow-up. "I only re-arrange 'em. It's up to god to put them back together". "Don't lose your head". "He spilled his guts..." Etc

      Just realised this was meant to apply to my real life? My catch phrase would be "where's my socks?"

        I don't think it has to be real life. Dream up a catch phrase and invent a time to use it.

        Otherwise my catchphrase would be "I only just woke up, can the complaints wait five minutes?"

        Granted, not the best thing to say to your boss, from your desk, at 2pm on a Thursday, but still.

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        I'm still around! Just working a real job, do not much time for hanging out here :). See you at PAX?

          I'm not going. :(

          I didn't have enough to get tickets! :(

    "Looks like someones flogged a dead horse" Thus said when looking in the mirror.

    Man, video games are awesome

    -- every time I play video games

      Even the terrible ones? D:

        Especially when I play the terrible ones. They just remind me of how awesome the awesome ones actually are!

    "I'm from Brooklyn, b*tch"
    -- Any time I am required to take off my shirt. Even though I'm not from Brooklyn.

    "One more time"

    To be used in any difficult situation where obsessive compulsive persistence is rewarded, such as penis-punchingly hard video games.

    Has the added bonus of distracting ones enemies when paired with your partners catchphrase of "Hit me Baby". Works best if you and your partner have already rehearsed an accompanying dance.

      Oh man, you and Mrs Shady also finish each others sentences with annoying 90s pop lyrics? High five!

        I was more thinking of a Riggs and Murtagh type partner.. be kinda worried if my wife's catchphrase was 'Hit me baby!'...

          I'd be more concerned if that was the catchphrase of the Riggs to my Murtagh.

          Very concerned.

      In that vein:

      "I'm not stopping till I get a platinum"
      "I'm not stopping till I beat FatShady's time"

      Though I try to avoid saying the latter, because I know I'll never get any sleep if I say it too often.

      Last edited 18/03/13 1:55 pm

        Nah it's getting easier actually because i'm playing heaps less than I was before. Other projects and other games are taking up my time... so have at it dude. (just don't tell me because I hate when that happens)

      Daft Punk wrote you a song!

    "Im Batman"

    Whenever I'm about to go fight crime.

    "I'm right here!" anytime anybody says something disparaging about anyone or anything (e.g. watching the cricket and somebody says "f&*k that was a useless delivery" or "our selectors are bloody idiots" or "why is that idiot spruiking KFC on every single commercial break?")

      Also, once again the Terms and Conditions are wrong, Mark! Article posted at 1:30, apparently the comp doesn't start until 2pm. So every entry received so far is technically invalid...why yes I am a lawyer bored out of my mind at work, how could you tell?


        I'm going to believe this is the reason I don't win! Even if it isn't.

    You're getting shot, you're getting shot, everybody's getting shot! - When people are getting shot.

      Will everyone just stop getting shot!

    'you had ONE job to do, AND YOU SCREWED IT UP!

    Whenever playing online and my teammates royally screw up.

    That's one small step for a man, one giant keep for mank..... Oh piece a candy!

    Landing on the moon, candy ends up being alien poop :/

    "Arhh its like when boiled goon in a kettle"

    When something goes wrong

    In everyday life "It's far too early for me to be wearing pants, this had better be important" it gets used roughly 5 times a day depending on what goes wrong.

      We meet again 'Namesis'..
      See what I did there?

        Namesis ... I like that. Now, we must do battle!

          Sir, we have come to fisticuffs! I hope you're prepared.

            *steals fists* ... You have been disarmed, sir. Yield before I give you such a thrashing, your children will think you a salmon.

              You seem to have bested me, sir. I will return, with better fists this time!

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