With Some Tweaks, 1989 Could Have Seen The Release Of A 2013 Game

Though Retro City Rampage is a parody of older games, it is not, in fact, an 8-bit game. Well, not until Vblank Entertainment decided they wanted to make it into a real 8-bit game.

Here they are, walking us through how they crunched the game down to 8-bit. It's all technical stuff, but not inaccessible (or uninteresting!) Kind of makes you wonder what other modern games can be crunched down like this, provided tweaks.


    Whoa. That would've taken some dedication to learn all that. Definitely deserves some respect

    Dude needs to release some limited edition copies on actual NES carts. I'll take 7!

      I'm sure someone will do it ;)

      Or get one of these http://stoneagegamer.com/everdrive_carts.aspx

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