You Can Download 700 Free Marvel Comics Right Now

Between now and 11pm ET on Tuesday, March 12, you can download some 700 first issues from Marvel Comics for free.

And.. it's legal!

The ComiXology Comics app for iOS and Android is offering 700 Marvel comics as part of a Marvel promotion announced at this weekend's SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. You could probably see the full list of 700 comics on the ComiXology website (which lets you buy them and even read them through a browser), but that site is getting hammered right now.

Alternately, download the free Comics app to your phone or tablet and you'll see the promo for the 700 Marvel #1s front and centre. ComiXology is an account-based service, so any comics you purchase and download will be readable on any device you have that supports their app. Here's the link to the iOS version of the app. And here's the Android one.

The roster of free comics includes 22 first issues from the new Marvel Now line, 46 first issues of various Avengers comics, 11 Fantastic Four first issues, 17 Hulks, 56 Spider-Mans, and even 118 X-Men comics. Where to start? It's a bit overwhelming, to be honest.

How about... Daredevil Vol. 3 #1 and Hawkeye #1. Both are in the "Marvel Heroes" part of the promotion. Trust me.

Have fun!


    Yeah.... No. Get 700 'introduction chapters' designed to make you want to read more. That's what Vol 1's are for. This isn't really free comics, it's a free demo disc basically. Not a single one of these will have a complete story. Like when I tried to read all 52 New 52 No 1's. Sequel bait sequel bait sequel bait.

    Cos that's how comics work.

      Yeah...since the 20s. And?

      yeah but demo discs are good when they are free, you can get a taste of 700 series to see if there is any you'll like, then you can purchase those ones later, rather then having to purchase them before trying.

      Yeah, cause 700 free first issues across a multitude of ranges is something to complain about.

      Entitlement at its finest.

        Most first issues are free anyway/always on comixology.

        If you go on PSP for the comic store, almost ALL the Number 1's were free.

      OK, I didn't actually know that and was expecting to spend several hours deeply involved in following plot arcs. Thanks for the heads up.

      Good Lord! I must thank you for pointing that out. What a horrible industry these illustrated stories are. How dare they use the number one in a way that gains them readership and in turn money! For shame. Anyone would think they are running a business!

    list does not contain Saga. Move along, nothing to see here.

      As in the Image comic? If that's the case, there is a good reason for that...

        Also, Saga #1 has been a free download for a while now.

        point being, regardless of publisher, all those titles are < Saga ;)

          Yes, but there's only like 10 issues of that, and I'm not fond of re-reading things that often.

    But... but... i already have 78gb of comics still to read... DAMN you marvel!!!

    I clicked the absolute shit out of those free comic buttons.

    I lined up 138 books... and they won't download due to overloaded server.... DAMN YOU EA!! I mean... MARVEL!!

    Can you download all of them as one thing or do you have to do 700 purchase/confim/download operations?

    i added all 700 to cart and it wanted me to pay $3, no way, i dont really like marvel stuff

      Yeah, I wouldn't want to pay 0.4 cents per issue either... whatta ripoff.


      Also, because this is a comics-related post: Must-read comic

        but it says 700 free comics, so if its not 3 then fuck em

    Been trying to register with it on Android and it keeps throwing errors up. Might give it another go tomorrow.

    wow! ooooh yeaaahh! :D

    Tried yesterday and it didn't work. Tried again this morning at 6am... doesn't work.

    What a great site! But why advertise like they have if they have no chance of dealing with the volume?

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