You Can Play An Infinite Game Of Catch With A Live Grenade In Black Ops II

Sure, shooting people is an option in Black Ops II, and that's plenty of fun. Or you can play catch with your enemies — with a live grenade. Don't worry, it won't go off. Here's how.

The folks over at defendthehouse found that, if two people have the "fast hands" perk — which allows you to throw back grenades — they can just keep throwing a live grenade back and forth forever. Kind of absurd, eh?

Now the question is: how many grenades can be juggled between two folks?

Playing Catch with a Frag! [Myth 6 of 31] [defendthehouse]


    That was the whole video? What a waste of time. These myth videos used to be quite good.

    And people say Arma has bad animations. They throw grenades like they're god damn frisbees in this video.

    ...this is news? It says right in the description for that perk, "resets the fuse for thrown back grenades". You could probably do this back in World at War.

    That wasn't annoying or pointless at all...

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