You Don't Have To Beat BioShock Infinite To Unlock The Ultra-Hard 1999 Mode

Back in January of last year, Irrational Games announced that BioShock Infinite would have a hardcore 1999 Mode, which would make players pick a specialisation that locks them into a set framework of powers and skills. There would be no going back on those choices, and death would be permanent.

Back then, Irrational said that the only way to unlock 1999 Mode would be to finish BioShock Infinite for the first time. But, as the game goes on sale worldwide today, the developer is revealing that all you need to do to go straight to the hard stuff is used the beloved Konami Code at the main menu. Here are the inputs:

For PC or Xbox 360: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A For PS3: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X

You'll get a notification that the unlock worked and then you proceed to getting your butt kicked by guys in breeches and bowler hats. Enjoy!


    I die alot in hard mode already. For some reason im just not used to fps games anymore. Been missing shots in crysis 3 while sniping and reaction been slow. Maybe because I played dota 2 too much for the past year

      Are you playing late at night? I find that my reflex time in shooters is a lot worse at the end of the day (oddly, not so much withn other games).

    Awesome, going to give this a go when I get off from work. God the steam download took 6 hours to complete and it was 11 pm, didn't have a chance to play it.

    Perma-death type of modes makes sense to play the game over and over again every month or two, I find games that have these things just increase that level of intensity and suspense rather than those with quick saves and unlimited retries till you get it right.

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    Ooh, maybe I will pick this up sooner than I thought...

    Good guy developer.
    Unlocking content with codes rather than paid downloads.

      They have a season pass, FYI.

        Yeah - but a season pass is specifically for paid expansions, if i'm not mistaken.
        A lot different to a built-in feature unlock.

    Damn, perma death? The heavy hitters are kicking my ass on hard as it is.

    Why even bother with the code if your just going to tell them on the first day? Just have it there from the beginning

    Nice! The Konami Code strikes again!

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