You Had One Job, And You Screwed Up 'Naruto'


    There was a TMNT game on the GC (I believe) with a typo on the spine - said "TENEAGE" from memory. Pictures weren't taken and articles weren't written about it because frankly no one cares...

    Another reason to believe that pure love wasn't put into this game

    I find the 'Powerful' part more distracting. Was powerful the right word to go with? Seriously?

    THis is the 2nd 3ds game with a typo...

    They need to update their QA teams I think.

      You have no idea what a QA team does do you?

        Well, they sure as hell don't spell check!

        They're that team you pay so you can say you have run QA on a game but ultimately ignore them in the end right? They also make good scapegoats when things go wrong.

        (Note: I have been in several QA/testing positions and am just being facetious)

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