You Had One Job, And You Screwed Up 'Naruto'

It's "Naruto". Not "Nartuo". N-A-R-U-T-O. Naruto. This was noticed earlier this week by Rich at IGN, and as far as embarrassing box art misspellings go, "Nartuo" tops Resident Evil: Revelaitons Revelations.

Someone at Namco Bandai had one job to do! Only one! At least they got "Shippuden" right. And "Powerful", for that matter.

Namco is aware of the issue, and told You're not alone, Capcom [@RichIGN via DSPSP初心者講座 ]


    There was a TMNT game on the GC (I believe) with a typo on the spine - said "TENEAGE" from memory. Pictures weren't taken and articles weren't written about it because frankly no one cares...

    Another reason to believe that pure love wasn't put into this game

    I find the 'Powerful' part more distracting. Was powerful the right word to go with? Seriously?

    THis is the 2nd 3ds game with a typo...

    They need to update their QA teams I think.

      You have no idea what a QA team does do you?

        Well, they sure as hell don't spell check!

        They're that team you pay so you can say you have run QA on a game but ultimately ignore them in the end right? They also make good scapegoats when things go wrong.

        (Note: I have been in several QA/testing positions and am just being facetious)

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