Your Mission Is Simple: Replace The Gun With A Thumbs Up

Thank you, Thumbs & Ammo, for making my Friday. I haven't been able to stop laughing at these manipulated images of famous gun-toting heroes without their weapons. Who knew so much humour could come from brandishing opposable digits instead of a blaster or an Uzi? You know what other medium features a lot of guns? Video games.

So, consider this a plea for the Photoshop-gifted among you to try your hands at cooking up some riffs on this idea. Post your handiwork (yeah, that's right) in the comments below.


    Deer Hunter would be great

      Challenge accepted:

        Awesome! How about grind house where the girls leg is a gun?


            Want a challenge... How about Megatron in non robot form.

    Challenge Accepted:

    lol, not quite following rules but i still like it. looking for better challenge.

    Last edited 16/03/13 8:31 pm

    Would the right thing be to include a link to 'thumbs and ammo' so I don't have to web search for the blog you're quoting?

    I know googling 'thumbs and ammo' doesn't take long, but it'd be quicker to just click on a link within the article.

    Planet Terror:

    Pope Francis

      I don't think he's had a gun photoshopped out, but still... I like to think he has

    Challenge accepted. I thought Back to the Future could do with some love!

    "I suppose it's poetic justice. Two McFlys with the same thumb!"

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