Your Mission Is Simple: Replace The Gun With A Thumbs Up

Thank you, Thumbs & Ammo, for making my Friday. I haven't been able to stop laughing at these manipulated images of famous gun-toting heroes without their weapons. Who knew so much humour could come from brandishing opposable digits instead of a blaster or an Uzi? You know what other medium features a lot of guns? Video games.

So, consider this a plea for the Photoshop-gifted among you to try your hands at cooking up some riffs on this idea. Post your handiwork (yeah, that's right) in the comments below.

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    Deer Hunter would be great

      Challenge accepted:

        Awesome! How about grind house where the girls leg is a gun?


            Want a challenge... How about Megatron in non robot form.

    Challenge Accepted:

    lol, not quite following rules but i still like it. looking for better challenge.

    Last edited 16/03/13 8:31 pm

    Would the right thing be to include a link to 'thumbs and ammo' so I don't have to web search for the blog you're quoting?

    I know googling 'thumbs and ammo' doesn't take long, but it'd be quicker to just click on a link within the article.

    Planet Terror:

    Pope Francis

      I don't think he's had a gun photoshopped out, but still... I like to think he has

    Challenge accepted. I thought Back to the Future could do with some love!

    "I suppose it's poetic justice. Two McFlys with the same thumb!"

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