Your Survival Guide To The Biggest Gaming Month We've Seen In Years

Get ready to never leave your house again. For some reason, every video game maker in the world has decided to release their products in March 2013. From Tomb Raider to BioShock Infinite to SimCity, next month is stuffed with games. Games games games.

You're probably a bit intimidated. We definitely are. So in order to help sort through the chaos, we're presenting the Official Kotaku Survival Guide To March 2013. We'd like to help you look at what's coming up next month — from giant AAA productions to small indie experiments — and budget your time and money accordingly.

What games should you check out? Depends who you are.

If you like survival horror and gruesome deaths

Then check out Tomb Raider, the survival action game and reboot of Lara Croft's iconic series. Out on March 5 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, the new Tomb Raider is smart and ambitious and full of way too many gross death scenes.

If you're into dystopia and trying to understand complicated themes

You might be interested in BioShock Infinite, the first game by Ken Levine and his team at Irrational since the original BioShock back in 2007. Like BioShock before it, Infinite is a shooter set in a twisted dystopia that promises to play with narrative in some interesting ways. What we've seen so far looks amazing. It's out March 26 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

If you've always wanted to be God

Short of applying for that new Pope position that just opened up, SimCity could be as close as you get. Out March 5 for PC (and later for Mac), SimCity lets you pretend to be in charge of your very own government and your very own city. Make sure to name it Kotaku Land.

If you're into anime role-playing games

Then check out Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk (March 5) or Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (March 12), two anime RPGs published by NIS America for PS3 that should satisfy the moe crowd.

If you have a Wii U

Then, well, sorry about the last couple months. At least this month is better! On March 18 we've got Lego City Undercover, an open-world Lego game that seems almost like a child-friendly version of Grand Theft Auto. You play the cop, though — not the criminal. The Wii U is also getting ports of The Amazing Spider-Man (March 5) and Need for Speed: Most Wanted (March 19).

If you really don't like monsters. Just hate 'em.

Japanese sensation Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is coming to 3DS and Wii U on March 19. In it, you hunt monsters. You hunt 'em good.

If you like steroids baseball

The year's baseball games are MLB 2k13, coming to Xbox 360 and PS3, and MLB: The Show 13, coming to PS3 and Vita. Both are out March 5. Good luck getting into the Hall of Fame.

If you're into vampires, but not the sparkly kind

A new Castlevania is out this month too. It's called Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — Mirror of Fate (3DS), and Konami has promised that this one will be more like Symphony of the Night than the last couple of Castlevania games, which could be very good news for longtime series fans who are eager to get back to exploring rather than whipping. This one is out March 5.

If you're into Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season 3 starts on March 31. This isn't a video game. I just thought you should know.

If you like being an alien and infesting things

The sequel to 2010's StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, is out on March 12 for PC and Mac. This one is focused on the creepy Zerg alien race and villain/hero/super-powered protagonist Sarah Kerrigan. It'll also be more RPGish than its predecessor, the folks at Blizzard say.

If you like scaring plumbers

Cartoony ghosts might not do it for you, but they certainly do it for Luigi, the star of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Out March 24 for 3DS, this is the sequel to Luigi's Mansion, which, believe it or not, was actually a launch title for the GameCube. Twelve years ago!

If you like scaring yourself

I'm scared to even mention that Slender: The Arrival is coming to PC on March 26. It will probably be terrifying.

If you really, really, really like The Walking Dead

Then you might like Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, out March 19 for PS3 and Xbox 360 (and later for Wii U). Key word: might. It looks kind of like a janky licensed cash-in. We'll reserve judgement until we can play it, though.

If you're a bro who likes to shoot bros with your bros

Then the co-op shooter Army of Two: Devil's Cartel (March 24, PS3/Xbox 360) could be your thing. Although it's not a good sign that EA just shut down the studio behind it.

If you're into Pokemon

Two big options for Pokémon fans this month. The first is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, a spinoff roguelike that'll be out on March 24 for 3DS. The second is HarmoKnight, a crazy platformer/rhythm game created by the people who make Pokémon. That one will be out on the eShop March 28 for 3DS.

If you really like games that end in "of War"

Then holy shit, I've got awesome news for you. We've got Gears of War. We've got God of War. SO MUCH WAR. God of War: Ascension is a prequel coming to PS3 on March 12. Gears of War: Judgment is a prequel coming to Xbox 360 on March 19. Which one should you pick? I suggest GoW.

So which of these — or any of the other games coming out in March — are you most excited for?


    There is nothing I'm interested there. I could list all the cynical details for why, but I won't bore you.

      :O I almosy just died of cynicide poisoning!

      That would of been my comment but BioShock Infinite.

      Have to agree, they are either all horrible games (cough both those rpgs) or something im not interested in.

      Though I am getting GOW judge and Luigi, but im not exactly excited for either while i still have Ni no Kuni.

        Or something I may have been interested in but am boycotting (SimCity)

          Same.. if it wasn't for the forced online play, I would be getting SimCity.. but this goes beyond mere online activation DRM.. I won't be buying it at all.. not even if it ends up insanely cheap. Simcity is not the only city builder out there.

    I looked through the list and just thought, "eh". I also mustn't be keeping up. I had no idea March was a big month.

      I had no idea March was a big month.

      Yep, 31 days. Up there with the biggest.

        I dunno whether to slowly clap or roll my eyes.

          Yeah, I'm not proud of that one.

          Last edited 01/03/13 6:12 pm

    The only game I'm getting this month is Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3...

      I want that...better be better than Generations. I also want BioShock and Ninja Gaiden 2 for the Vita.

        It's looking better than Generations, but very much the same moves/mechanics/characters we've already seen.

          Yeah I figured that. But Generations was so crap. I want something somewhere between the first and second Ultimate we got for PS3.... I can dream.

            Storm 4 on next gen might be just that... WE WILL DREAM

          But with balance fixes. As far as I know kisames combo speed is improved, masked man and ohnoki got nerfs, sai got some nerfs etc there are a few fixes across the board.

    Er.... What about Sly 4?

      It's an American article so since it's already out for them they didn't include it.

    the first two are the only ones i really care enough about to be interested

    Game o' Thrones. Gotta gets me some Dothraki Porn ( that's what my missus calls it)

      Behind the times, season 3 will be Wildling Porn :P

    Lego City and Luigi's Mansion for me.

    Plus I have the PC version of NFS Most Wanted in the mail on its way to me.

    I tend to think there isn't a lot of overlap in fan bases for releases this month. I'm excited by Bioshock, and I'm heating good things about Tomb Raider.

    People who are in Starcraft and Sim City will only really care about their respective releases.

      Games I want from that list
      BioShock Infinite
      Monster Hunter (both 3DS and Wii-U)
      Luigi's Mansion
      StarCraft 2: HotS

      I'm also interested in
      Tomb Raider
      Sim City
      LEGO City Undercover
      but I probably won't end up getting those, since I'll have enough already.

      Also, as mentioned we're getting Sly4, and I thought the VITA version of Ratchet and Clank Q-force was due out sometime soon.

      I like to think I cover a fair few fan-bases there. Perhaps it's fortunate then that I'm at least aware of my own limitations - I won't be buying everything I want, since I can't play it all at the same time.

      I'll probably get Monster Hunter on Wii U and Luigi's Mansion or Castlevania on 3DS and wait it out on the others.

        Yeah - I guess my point was more that there IS a lot happening this month, but I don't seem many of these games as competitors for the broad market.

    The only one i want is the only one not a video game. Game of Thrones!

    I _WAS_ excited for Splinter Cell and Metro: Last Light. Alas, both delayed.

    My girlfriend is stoked for Tomb Raider though.

    wait, what about Metro: Last Light? Isn't it coming out late this month?

    you missed: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - (8th March)
    For if you're into anime fighting games with expressive character rosters and incredible cutscene/quicktime button press events.

      Funnily enough, generations had none of the above events.
      I just went back and played Broken Bond. Wow, that's aged. Who puts minigames into a fighting game anyway!?!?

        He wasn't talking about generations though - and Storm 3 definitely will have them.

        Also, expressive or expansive?

          expansive, oops :)

            Do you play on Xbox live? I should be smashing this for the next couple months :)

              Yup Xbox, but my gold membership just expired, I wasn't using it so didn't autonew. I'll consider buying it for another year after getting this on Friday.

    Company of Heroes 2 is what excite me most about march, but i guess now you are safe to leave it off the March list.

    God of War Ascension and Bioshock Infinite both on launch day. Tomb Raider later on when it's cheaper and I've got more time. The rest... no thanks.

    Lego city and monster hunter for me. I'll pick up gears , god and bioshock later on.

    I'm not usually one to buy numerous games so close together (usually I try and play a game to the end before picking up another big one) but I'll be picking up the first 3!

    Although I also don't like always-on DRM I'm too interested in the new SimCity to not give it a try. The new Tomb Raider has been looking very cool and I think the GF might be interested in playing through it with me too so I definitely wanna experience that. And yeah, me and the GF loved the original Bioshock so we're both looking forward to checking out the new one.

    Gonna be a good month for gaming methinks, and it's all gonna start with playing the final ME3 DLC this weekend! ^_^

    wow. there are a few interests in there. pitty Bioshock is so far at the end of it all.

    but for me gears, tomb raider and bioshock makes for one crowded month

    oh and maybe castlevania

    Starcraft, Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Game of Thrones.


    Wait... I have to do them all at once or something now? Wha?

    Tomb Raider looks like a surprise hit, so I’ll get that. Bioshock will definitely be amazing. Lego City will be a chance to dust off my Wii U.
    Pity this is the only decent month for this half of the year.

    You scared me with the mention of Game of Thrones - thought there was another game coming to ruin the franchise...

    Anyway, Tomb Raider, Bioshock, Sim City (despite inevitable server failures), HotS and Metro for me. Maybe Gears of War sometime later... Damn, I've been planning my budget for this month since before the November rush last year, and it still snuck up on me...

    Not in chronological order..
    OCD kicking in....

    God Of War, Bioshock, Sly are all gets...

    Warming to Tomb Raider, as I start to ignore the title and imagine it is a new IP.

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