3D Builder/Magician Is Selling Portal-Themed Drink Coasters

3D builder/magician Psychobob — you’ve seen his stuff before — is selling these Portal-themed drink coasters, so your companion coffee cup has somewhere to rest its weary butt.


  • I know 3D printers are not cheap… but $30 for a coaster is insane!
    I should just shell out the $500 for a printer myself and start selling these things.

    • LOL

      First of all, if you are going to comment about 3d printing…. at least know a little about it.

      mainstream 3d printers start at about $1000 and sit at about $3000-$4000 for the higher end home user market.
      But that’s for pla or abs extrusion.

      This however, is not extrusion.
      Judging by the quality in this pic, this is sold and made by shapeways.
      Unless he of course forked out the 15-30k for something like an objet.
      Materials are not cheap for this method either.
      $30 is more than justified.

    • $500 wont buy you a 3d printer. Also this one is 3D printed in sandstone and painted. That’s why they are $30. It’s a pretty unique coaster, and you have to remember that you are paying for a one off job. If you printed 1000 of these, they would be cheaper.

  • A $500 3D printer will give you no where near the resolution of the printers these guys are ‘renting’ out. That’s why it is a viable business, but hopefully the $2000+ ones will drop in price pretty soon!

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