A Controller With Bullets For Buttons? How About The D-Pad Too?

A Controller With Bullets For Buttons? How About The D-Pad Too?

Remember that custom Kotaku controller? The one with bullets for buttons? It’s actual a more common modification than you think, replacing plastic inputs with metal ones, but you can go a little further, if you feel like it, by replacing the D-pad with the end of a 12-gauge shotgun shell.

My question is, would you really want to?

You can see there are quite a few listings on Etsy for Xbox 360 controllers featuring bullets for buttons, but replacing the D-pad as well?

I’m not sure how that would feel under one’s thumb. I’d miss the definition of the raised plastic marking out each direction, but then, I haven’t touched my Xbox (or any console) for 12 months or more.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of bling to your hardware — everyone enjoys a little personalisation — but I’d draw the line at anything that could compromise functionality.

Xbox Halo 4 controller… [Etsy]

Photo: DieselLaceDesign, Etsy


  • Looks cool to me. It’s really up to the end user as to whether it’s a good idea or not. I’ve heard xbox 360 d-pads are pretty average anyway.

  • i saw this the other day on ebay and was wonder why – surely the dpad is less responsive being the bottom of a bullet? must be something cod players like?

    • The same could be said for the other buttons though. Doesn’t exactly seem like a comfortable way of doing face buttons. I guess it’s more of a showcase controller. Put it on a shelf for display and play on a regular gamepad.

      • Not to mention the fact it’s one of the Controllers that came with the Halo Xbox, as said above. I figured they were expensive enough to leave stock. I’m surprised it was done with that controller and not a more common variant.

          • Yeah, they have the new switch-pad.

            We were bummed because we couldn’t get a set of four exclusive controllers like that, so we bought two shiny UNSC ones.

  • The 360 dpad was terrible already. The regular bullet buttons are less ergonomic too. The whole thing might still be great though if you were 12.

  • yeah i’ve seen sites that offer full custom controls that allow you to pick paint jobs, add LED or bullet buttons, as aesthetically appealing i find a bullet PS3 control, i’m afraid customs wont allow us aussies to import things that have bullet related material at all.

    so while sure this is cool, i wouldn’t suggest fellow Australians ordering bullet controls as it probably wont make it past customs.

  • Why don’t you buy a kit, test it, write an article about why it was good or bad and then let us know? Was a bit of waste of every bodies time reading this when the only conclusion drawn (from that of someone who hasn’t used their 360 controller in 12 months) is that it might not be as good as the original.

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