A Crazy Australian Man Made This Crazy Video Game In QBASIC

Black Annex is an action strategy game about corporate sabotage and infiltration. You manage your company's resources, you deploy agents to murder, kidnap and obliterate your enemies. This in itself is a unique enough proposition to warrant some sort of headline on Kotaku, but you haven't heard the best part: the entire game has been built, from the ground up, in QBASIC.

It actually looks pretty cool and not just 'cool for a QBASIC' cool. It looks 'regular' cool. If you had told me about this game, and just shown me the above trailer, I'd probably still be interested by virtue of the game's interesting concept.

Black Annex has been created by Lance E. McDonald, an independent developer living in regional Australia. You can support the project on Steam Greenlight. We spoke to Lance, and we'll be putting together a bigger look at the creation of this game in the future, but he informed us that he's showing off Black Annex at PAX Australia. If you're heading there, be sure to check it out.


    whaaaaat? i wanna see the code for this! i thought gorillas.bas was the highlight of qbasic!

    Studied QBASIC in Computing Studies class back around 2001. Holy crap that language is hard to get to do anything useful. I have much respect for this game, but goddamn, WHY did they use such an annoying old code?

      Probably as a proof of concept. Or he's old.

    Hey all, I'm Lance, the guy making Black Annex! If you're interested in some in depth look at the development, my blog is www.manfightdragon.com you can see everything from day 1 there :)

      Congrats on your success, the game looks great!
      I started reading your blog, it starts at day 4, is that correct or have I missed something?

      Mate you game looks effin' boss, keep up the good work :)

      It's been a while since I've QBasic'd. But from what I remember, it was basically a 16 bit platform with something like 300 or 400 kilobytes of RAM to play around in. So it's basically like programming for an old console.

      I don't suppose anyone's written a memory extender for QBasic?

      you sir are the most awesome ball gag wearing Australian to ever get behind QBASIC. hats off to you

    Holy shit this is epic. What I would do to see the source code.

    The source will be released as long as whatever platform I sell through is okay with it being released.

    I wrote a lot of QBASIC 30 years ago. This is super-impressive. Concept, art style, music, everything. Wow.

    Mate, awesome looking game! Can't wait to get amongst the action!

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