A Rare Look At The Blazing-Fast Hands Of A StarCraft II Champion

A Rare Look At The Blazing-Fast Hands Of A StarCraft II Champion

Korean players excel at StarCraft, putting enormous effort into into improving their game. We see the results of those efforts in game replays, but rarely to we get to peek over the shoulder of one of the world’s top players as their supernatural hands do horrible things to their opposition.

This is Korean pro gamer StarTale_Sound, playing StarCraft II at the WCS Challenger League Qualifiers as Terran against a Zerg opponent.

StarCraft II caster Khaldor was lucky to be able to capture the screen and the hands of Sound. Generally this is not allowed when it comes to Korean pro gamers. People might see certain secret strategies, key bindings and whatnot. I’m just seeing awesome.

FP POW of Sound – Fast APM stye (showing monitor, mouse and keyboard) [YouTube, KhaldorTV]


  • “Korean players excel at StarCraft”….Racist! Thats like saying black people are good at basketball and running. We all know its generally true, but you cant say it. Now apologise, you truth speaking devil.

    • I think he is constantly cycling through all his units and giving them commands rather than letting the unit AI move them. It’s basically micro-managing everything in order to get the resources at the earliest possible time. If it saves a second here and there, it all adds up to an advantage in getting out units and expanding to a second base.

    • At the start, most of it is just warm up.

      Towards mid game, a lot of it is checking on the status of buildings, seeing how long it is until the unit has been completed.

  • how many times can you spam scv and command centre at the start of a game?…. id rather wait, but maybe thats why im so bad.

    • It’s just easier to mash the keys at the rate you would eventually need to press them, rather than start slowly then ramp it up. It helps warm up your fingers if they’re cold anyway. You can also practise boxing your units at this time.

  • I realise this isn’t the point of learning to play like that, but nice going to this guy for making Starcraft look like the opposite of fun.

  • He scratched his head for one second so he probably lost. Everybody knows you need an assistant to come and scratch your forehead for you, what a n00b.

  • Can someone explain how he manages to jump around the map so fast? That is one thing that I can’t get right. Like – he’s jumping to his expansions without building – is he just hotkeying a mineral patch? He didn’t look like he had that many hotkeys set yet he was able to get to his bases very very fast. Particularly the entrance to his main – how is he managing to jump to that spot with nothing to select (I’m probably missing something).

  • It really looks like he’s just trying to get his APM up. most of the time he’s just selecting the same units/structures over and over again. he commands his SCV’s to harvest minerals about 300 times when they’re doing that anyway

  • I do that when I’m bored and don’t know what to do while staring at my desktop… *click & drag*!

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