A Terrific Week In Cosplay Pays Tribute To Forgotten Games

'Twas a strange week in cosplay. We've got your expected tributes, yeah, like Mass Effect. But I can't say I've ever seen someone from the West dress up as a character from Zangeki no Reginleiv, a Wii RPG that was never released outside of Japan.

Also featuring this week is some Watch Dogs cosplay, always an interesting choice seeing as it's a game we know almost nothing about, along with easily the best homage to Final Fantasy VII's Aerith I have ever seen.

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As seen on Miss-Alice-Monster.

As seen on ChrixDesign.

As seen on TheZe.

As seen on FaultyFrame.

As seen on S-Seith.

As seen on Shoko-Cosplay.

As seen on Zettai-Cosplay.

As seen on EnjiNight.

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    I like it how it's acceptable these days to be a male cosplay'er simply because 90% of the other people that do it are absolutely smokin' hot women xD

      *90% of the other people that have their pictures posted on kotaku are absolutely smokin hot women

      When was it unacceptable outside of having serious insecurity issues? Not everybody feels the need to go 'Look at these people, they're wierd because they have passions I do not share and are not in the majority, oh how validated I feel for fitting in more than them!'
      Not implying this is you, simply pointing out why it's never really been unacceptable for any rational person. :)

    I find it funny that Aeris's arm hair is glowing in the sun light :P

    No, no, cosplay of the week surely must go to Tasha of the South Korean cosplay team Spiral Cats with the incredible realisation of the Queen of Blades from Starcraft. http://kr.battle.net/sc2/ko/blog/2760796

    Shep's armour is never going to protect him from hostile environments, the neck is open

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