Aliens: Colonial Marines Makers Brings A Much Cooler Shooter

Aliens: Colonial Marines Makers Brings A Much Cooler Shooter

TimeGate, the studio Gearbox tapped to complete the neglected Aliens: Colonial Marines, turns its attention from making the majority of another company’s game to making a Minimum of its own. Damn this looks lovely.

Not that shooters have ever been about looks for me. There’s a sweet spot between Unreal and Call of Duty that’s the perfect blend of speed and responsiveness that just can’t be achieved if you’re focusing too much on achieving photorealism. TimeGate came close to hitting it with Section 8: Prejudice. Is this gorgeous minimalist project can nail it, I might never need another shooter.

Minimum is a passion project that the entire studio really rallied behind and fell in love with, ” said Brett Norton, Vice President of TimeGate Studios via official announcement. “ We look at Minimum not just as a breathtaking new game, but also as a platform with unlimited potential for future ideas — both ours and from the community. “

The free-to-play shooter will be available to play on Steam’s Early Access channel on April 16.


    • Let’s see:
      1. Gearbox tries to write the story through committee. A committee that didn’t seem to agree on what muffins to have at the meeting much less what the story was supposed to be about. This necessicated rewrites and redesigns of the campaign.

      2. Gearbox sits on ACM for several years while developing Borderlands 2and then hands it off to TimeGate at the last minute and asks them to develop a full game.

      3. TimeGate says that what they got from Gearbox was a right pille of dog crap and they threw most of it out to start again.

      4. Gearbox doesn’t like what TimeGate has done, takes game back, throws out what TimeGate did and starts again. This time with Sega breathing fire down their necks.

      Basically executive meddling, general incompetence and not giving a crap about the game.

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