At Least League Of Legends Is Doing Something About Silly Female Armour

At Least League Of Legends Is Doing Something About Silly Female Armour

Female fantasy armour. It’s… an issue. So often in fantasy games male characters get to wear massive, fearsome plate armour while female characters ride into battle with whole swaths of skin exposed. When it comes down to it, female fantasy armour is simply inadequate. We’ve even talked to a guy who makes armour professionally and had him explain the craft-related reasons risqué armour just doesn’t measure up.

Apparently the folks at Riot Games feel the same way, as they’ve updated the League of Legends character Sejuani to wear armour that’s a bit more appropriate for her icy homeland. From Riot’s update description:

Sejuani’s lightly-armored, skin-flaunting, fleshy apparel didn’t mesh with the idea of a dominating, ice warrior. Now heavily armoured atop Bristle, this visual rework clearly conveys the core of our concept for the champion. She’s powerful, capable of conquering the Freljord and leading the Winter’s Claw to victory.

Good show, Riot. I’m sure Sejuani will be the envy of chilly, bikini-clad woman warriors everywhere.


  • You know, skimpy armour is fine in a fantasy game if it fits in with the overall theme. It doesnt suit every game obviously, but lets not turn this into a sexism issue please. A lot of females actually like skimpy armour. Dont believe me? Ask them.

    • I think the skimpy armour is stupid, but I like to look at it.

      My skyrim character had a very non-logical armour. But it looked nice.

      • Really? Seems the same to me… The illustration is different but in game it’s basically the same. Maybe that’s why Kotaku didn’t add what the in-game image.

        But at least now she looks like she came from a snowy place… kinda. Still same ‘sexy’ level though.

  • Riot’s “improvement” is completely impractical – a figure-hugging suit of armour is probably even more stupid than barely any armour at all. I’d argue a girl in a chainmail bikini is far more dangerous than a guy in full armour. To survive while wearing so little suggests they’re very, VERY good.

    On the other hand, I still wonder how Jessica Alba’s cleavage in Fantastic Four was inherently resistant to cosmic radiation.

  • Its over.

    First the reduced Sona’s breast size slightly.

    Then they removed Annies panty shot when she died.

    Now they cover Sejuani in armour and give her a visual rework instead of some of the original heroes that need a rework.

    We will see every female Hero covered up before we see Master Yi or Jax get a model reworking.

    • isn’t this a good thing?

      honestly the one thing that i hate the most about LoL is it’s character design.

      if it’s a chick, it’s always hot chick with big boobs. hell, they even put in a spider chick, which i thought “hey, they could do something really cool with this”, nope, hot chick with big boobs.

      compare it to dota 2, who seem to take their character design way more seriously. they do have a few hot chicks with big boobs, but they have character’s like broodmother who is a fucking scary female spider, medusa, who looks horrifying or vengeful spirit and spectre, who would never be classified as “hot” (unless you are into ghosts or something.)

      (i know this wont mean anything, because i’ll be labled as a dota2 fanboy, but i play both games, they are both really fun, just i play dota 2 more)

      and most of the other designs of character’s aren’t that great, i never see a character that has made me be really impressed by the originality of it’s design.

      also, on the point of annies panty shot, isn’t she meant to be like, 5? i don’t know why you are sad about not being able to see her panties anymore…

      • Its a fantasy game. If were being realistic here then the idea of a dominating female warrior in full armour is already laughable, but its fantasy so it works. (Yes i know SOME women could pull it off, but its extremely rare.) I agree with you in regards to the overall quality of character design, but hot chicks with big boobs isnt an automatic negative, so long as its creative.

    • Ashe in Ugg boots XD
      I actually like the new Sona’s splash more. The artstyle now seems more refined 🙂

  • Riots character design stagnated somewhere after LoL’s first year.

    Look at the original lineup there are very few characters who are just muscley men or hot chicks. They are all sorts of strange monsters and creatures. League of Legends character design has always been kind of goofy and weird fuck look at Rammus hes an armoured turtle thing that spins like sonic and can only say Okay, but that was kind of the charm of the games characters at first.

    Now it is just a Muscley Man or a Hot chick and its really boring.

    People really want hot monster girls in LoL. I think she is fine better than having a generic looking spider model as a hero like broodmother.

    Heroes of Newearth also had a serious looking character design and well look how that went.

    League of Legends seems to be going in a more serious character design which i don’t really like.

    Trundle is a diseased troll and was intentionally made goofy looking and funny. But they redid his model recently and now he looks kinda boring and generic.

    Annies panty shot was iconic she had a different panties on every skin it was your reward for beating down a little girl.

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