Australian Girl Transforms A Nerf Gun Into A Really Weird Guitar

Australian Girl Transforms A Nerf Gun Into A Really Weird Guitar

Since the dawn of guitar time people have been making strangely shaped guitars in attempts to gain rock god status. Sometimes it’s part of an attempt to create a unique sound, at other times it’s part of an attempt to look really, really cool. It’s the design equivalent of stuffing a cucumber wrapped in foil down your pants. But ‘Nerfenstein’ doesn’t need to stuff a cucumber down her pants to attain rock god status because, firstly, she’s a girl and that would be silly. But also because she has created a really bloody amazing guitar made out of a Nerf gun.

Alright, well that was a really weird introduction. Moving on…

Nerfenstein is an Australian girl who makes awesome props — like this Tomb Raider thing — and she also occasionally makes things out of nerf guns. This functional guitar is, obviously, a functional guitar but it also still fires nerf bullets. I think that’s pretty amazing.

“This is a really cool Nerf mod for a few reasons, one everyone automatically looks cooler when they sling an electric guitar, two it has a built in sling and three, well it looks badass to fire foam darts out of a guitar lol,” said Nerfenstein in a full blog post, going into detail on how the mod was built.

“This one took a LONG time to pull together,” she said, “fiddly bits like adding the strings took a long time, but all the fiddling was worth it!”

NerFender electric guitar Nerf Rayven mod pluck it! [Nerfenstein]


  • I’m calling bullshit on the ‘functional guitar’ part of this thing. I build guitars as a hobby, and there are a few parts that are pretty obviously not going to work.

    • Er, unsure what about it couldn’t be made functional… Not saying it IS (some of the commenters make some good points) but not sure why youd call bullshit on it not being possible.. It’s pretty straight forward.

      On the other side of things; things like this is what make women guitarists the worst. And that star wars shirt.. Yes, we get it, you’re a geek. I’m sure you don’t appreciate “sluts” jamming who they are down peoples throats with fashion, but it’s ok for every other clique to just really hammer it home..

      • Obvious things: There is no nut, the tuners are too big and would interfere with each other if turned, whammy bar is not connected to anything.

        Not so obvious things: Scale length is out by a country mile therefore notes would progressively go out of tune up the fretboard, the bridge is not even close to being workable, the hollow plastic body would have roughly the sustain of a wet cardboard box.

        It is anything but ‘straight forward’. Possible, maybe, but not without a complete rebuild.

    • Really… I can see it being functional…
      There’s a world of difference between “functional” and “good” (or even decent), I can see maybe you could get notes out of it, they’d just be horrible ones.

  • A cucumber wrapped in tin foil mark? What, are you trying to trying to cut yourself in the most embarrassing way possible? Damn it man, use cling wrap!

  • She actually states that it’s not a working guitar, she even mentions such on facebook and in the blog post. I think this was an assumption by the author, or a simple mistake.

    “*I’m sure there will be at least one smarty pants who will ask, so I’ll cover it here… No it doesn’t work as a guitar, just as a Nerf gun. ” – Near the end of the blog post

    She’s also got a bunch more awesome nerf mods too, and a few other bits and pieces.

  • as cool as it is, the fact that it’s missing the nut at the top of the neck is driving me crazy, forget the pickups! your high E string is coming off the fretboard! *insert fuuuuuu… rage meme here*

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