Before It Was Cancelled, Star Wars 1313 Was Going To Be About Boba Fett

Before It Was Cancelled, Star Wars 1313 Was Going To Be About Boba Fett

We’ve learned a great deal about Star Wars 1313 over the past few months, and today we’ve got one more huge detail, thanks to a reliable Kotaku source. Last year, just before E3, LucasArts shifted focus and turned it into a game about the masked bounty hunter Boba Fett.

This happened last May. Star Wars creator George Lucas looked at 1313 — which at that point had been scrapped and refocused multiple times — and told the team he wanted it to be about Boba Fett, the mercenary whose origins as a clone were revealed in the Star Wars prequel movies.

You can see concept art from this version of Star Wars 1313 above. Boba Fett stands over someone who looks a whole lot like Bossk, a lizard-like bounty hunter who Fett has apparently captured. They appear to be in the seedy underworld of Coruscant.

Sadly, LucasFilm cancelled the troubled game yesterday, when they shut down LucasArts, the 30-year-old video game studio responsible for 1313, among many other games. Although LucasFilm has said that 1313 and the studio’s other cancelled game, Star Wars: First Assault, could be licensed out to other developers, I’ve been told by multiple sources that chances are very slim. Development on the game had been on hold since late last year, as we reported in February.

“They ended up with movie tech that wouldn’t fit in a game, and game tech that wouldn’t fit in a movie,” a source told me. “1313 was always in danger of not being made.”

Bad news for Star Wars fans. For now, here’s some more concept art, depicting Boba Fett among a group of other soldiers or mercenaries.



  • Oh wow, this is just twisting the blade for any StarWars fan who was already looking forward to this game.

      • was George Lucas smoking Epson salts when he sold lucasarts to fucking disney?!!! It was going for over 30 years! what’s next? Hideo Kojima sells himself to square enix or the butt fucking activision?! thank god that Hideo Kojima’s a purist and being owned by Konami

  • Let’s be realistic, in all likelihood it was going to suck.

    Change of direction after project has started? Check
    Based on a pre-existing franchise and character? Check
    Made by post-2000 Lucasarts? Check

    No need to get any more upset about this game than you do for all the other Lucasarts franchise games that didn’t (or even did) get made in the past 10 years.

    I just hope Disney pawns out the licences to worthy developers and we get some cool new games.

    • Yeah, the fact that Lucas had retooled this thing to be about Boba Fett indicates high possibility of suckage. I’m actually kind of glad they revealed this, because I’m not longer annoyed about the loss of a potentially promising new game.

      I like old-school Boba Fett but he’s so overdone these days and I hate the backstory they gave him in in the prequels.

  • I really don’t understand the image at the top, why is Boba so skinny?? Was this game going to deal with his severe eating disorder???

  • This was looking to be the best Star Wars game since KOTOR and KOTOR 2
    DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, this is good news then. I like Boba as much as the next guy, but the only way any Star Wars stuff these days has any change of being any good is if Lucas is far away from it and they take an opportunity to not use the same goddamn characters over and over again. It’s a big universe with too much potential to be wasted on the same dozen or so characters who are unbelievably centre stage for everything that ever happens. Give us another Kyle Katarn, Corran Horn or Revan.

  • A change of direction to Boba Fett probably means the game was bad and they decided to go for SW nerd’s sweet spot cause for some reason everyone juices their jeans over Boba. Dunno why, he had a cool helmet but couldn’t fight or do anything useful and eventually died when a bound and blind Han Solo accidentally killed him. Fail

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