BioShock Infinite Art So Nice You Could Hang It In A Gallery

Art dealers Cook & Decker have teamed up with Irrational Games to sell some very large and very expensive prints, each displaying art from BioShock Infinite.

Interestingly, the art isn't taken from the game's wonderful concept works. They're screenshots, though the word does them a slight disservice. These are prints based on the super hi-res and rendered environments normally used for magazine screenshots, meaning you're getting something that'll actually stand up to closer inspection.

Be warned, casual fan, these aren't "posters". They range in price from USD$250 to USD$550, and that's just for an unframed print (though they do come hand-signed by series creator Ken Levine). If you want it framed, bring money.

Irrational Games [Cook & Becker]

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they’re big enough, so you can save them as wallpaper), click on the “expand” button in the bottom-right corner.

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    That falling print looks absolutely beautiful, to bad it's sold out already =/

    The wallpaper of Elizabeth and Booker falling through the sky has been my wallpaper since the release of the game.

      Songbird just became mine! They're so beautiful!

    So we can just make these ourselves for 1/100th of the price then?

    Sweet. Never thought of that. Time to print me some cool art for my gaming room!

    i didnt think this game was very good

      Why do you say that, you must have your reasons ?

    Then there mustn't be any games you think are good

      Don't be like that, everyone is entitled to their opinion and entertainment is a subjective experience, there are no rules on what is and isn't entertaining/engrossing/interesting/etc.

        Pfft. Your ideas are bad and you should feel bad.

        (lol jokes, completely agree)

    Does anyone else think it looks like Songbird is surfing.

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