BioShock Infinite's Mysterious Physicist Gets Some Great Cosplay

BioShock Infinite has proven pretty popular with cosplayers, but most of them focus on Elizabeth. Eeeeeveryone cosplays as Elizabeth. And that's fair, Elizabeth is a wonderful girl and a very cool character. But what about Roaslind Lutece?

DeviantArt's LaynesLionRedCat has moved off the beaten path with some high-quality cosplay of our favourite Commander Shepard-voiced quantum physicist.

[via Geeks are Sexy]

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    How about Rosalind, rather than Roaslind?

    I think aside from Elizabeth being the main character, she seems to have an easier look to pull off. Whereas Rosalind has a more posh/refined look that not everyone has. This girl has it in spades. Well done.

      Spending too long corresponding with Bashcraft and Plunkett and your spelling atrophies.

        I'd misread atrophies as apostrophes, and thought you were being ironic.

          I misread ironic and thought you were iconic.

    Sorry, can't have one without the other. The pair are just too good together.

    Picture one looks like there's too much make up. Overall looks awesome thought.

    Girl's actually pretty cute, however the first picture looks more like it should have something to do with David Bowie cosplay.

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