BioShock Takes Cosplay To Infinity And Beyond

Those BioShock titles sure have given us some fancy outfits! And the newly released BioShock Infinite is no exception. That's one reason why people, especially cosplayers, love the BioShock games.

Here is a look at some, but not all, of the best BioShock cosplay this side of the internet. Have a look below as you try to decide which cosplayer pulled off the best BioShock outfit, whether that's from the first games or the brand new BioShock Infinite.















Top picture: ormeli, sandercohen13, thecrystalshoe

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    Still haven't played Bioshock 2... is it worth playing through? I'm hearing many mixed things. I've played through 1 and finished Infinite the other night. Loved them to death.

      Storywise, it doesn't quite have the impact of Bioshock, (it's not bad, though) however the gameplay is tightened a bit, and the dual wielding is excellent.

      The main failing of Bioshock 2 is it wasn't Bioshock. Go back to the reviews at the time - people were expecting the worst cash in and were pretty happy with it.

      It's also dirt cheap, so you can barely fail to get your money's worth :)

        Yeah, I picked it up for like 10 bucks on Steam as a dual pack last year. Was a pretty sweet deal. Thanks for the advice!!!

          If you loved 1 and '3' to death, then you will almost certainly like 2!

      Do it. And download Minerva's Den too, it's often in sales and whatnot - the only good DLC I've ever played. Really as good as the main game.

      I think it's the best, and most depressing, of the three!

    Man.. Every single one of those women need to be my wife immediately. Why can't you guys run a competition for THAT rather than "how many server os's have you installed this year" xD

    I can't get enough Elizabeth cosplay!

      Want to see mine then? (I'm just kidding, I need to tighten mine)
      I've never thought of doing a female Booker


        Ps I think I have a crush on you @scree

          I seriously need to fix the corset. Now I can play the game, I saw that it's more like a traditional corset then I thought.
          9man I look fat in this, even while using the special slimming 3/4 move D=)

    I was surprised by Elizabeth while I was playing BSi, felt odd to have the focal point of an RPG be an AI character. She did a sterling job though. I was thinking quietly as I played... " There's gonna be Cosplay Elzabeths EVERYWHERE... and I'm happy about that" :).. cue Jessica Negri ;)

    That's actually me as Booker DeWitt (sandercohen13). If you guys liked those pictures of me as Booker, I've got some VERY improved shots of myself coming up here soon.

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