Bummer, That Awesome Cyberpunk Game/Trailer Is Dead In The Water

Prepare for sadness. Stealer, that amazing trailer for a 2D cyberpunk game that wasn't even really a proper game yet, won't ever be a proper game. The devs (well, dev) have pulled the plug.

"I lost the interest in development of this game, sorry," the project's creator has written on the TIGSource forums. "Tried several times to start again and then fail. :C"

Bummer. I know it was barely a game, with only a small section of "gameplay" ever shown, but still. What was there looked fantastic. It's sad to see it go.

On the bright side, the creator now has more time to work on another project, Journey to Hammerdale, which also looks pretty cool.

Journey To Hammerdale [Indie Statik — thanks Dan!]


    Oh no, how can we live without another 2d retro-styled indie platformer?!

    The art WAS kind of nice, I guess.

    Everyone made the mistake of not realizing this guy is just an artist, not a developer, and that 'gameplay' we saw was target footage, basically a bunch of GIFs he made strung together with some amazing music.

    I am the only one who clicked the story thinking it was about CD Projekt's Cyberpunk game?

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