By The Way, Valve Won't Be Exhibiting At E3 2013 Either

Like Nintendo and 2K Games, Valve has stated it has no plans to exhibit at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. That said, it's not like the company has a reputation as a prolific attendee in recent times.

While we've all been focused on statements by the big N and 2K, Valve made it known earlier this month that it, too, will be giving arguably the industry's largest live event a miss.

Community news site ValveTime posted the following tweet, which contains a screencap of an email from Doug Lombardi, Valve's vice-president of marketing:

It's not really that surprising. In 2012, the company attended the event but chose not to show anything, which is basically the same story for 2011, too.

@ValveTime [Twitter, via Reddit]

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    This E3 seems like it will be rather dull at this rate

      Depends on your taste really. This is going to be the best E3 in a very very long time if you are a console fan.

      Yeah, I guess we'll have to make do with the next Xbox and the PS4 face-off... FIGHT!

    Not on topic sorry, but why did It take me to some website called various when I typed in kotaku ?
    Edit: Never mind, Some reason it had two .com's at the end of the url :\

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    So what's the point of E3 this year? First 2k & Nintendo now Valve, who's next? Rockstar not showing up again this year?

      Well seeing as Rockstar are published by 2K and Rockstar never attend anyway I'd say a no show is likely.

        Which sucks. I wish they would attend. But they know they are going to have GOTY with GTA V anyway, E3 or no E3.

    Valve is no surprise, steambox already announced, no new games for at least another 5 years, why would they bother

      The Piston is not the steambox goddamnit! Valve is still dev'ing their steam box and already stated piston neither Nvidea shield is the steam box!

    This is all pretty standard stuff. Nothing suprising. This years e3 is very much about sony and micro$ofts next gen consoles. Exciting for me but not for everyone I guess.

    Uh, guys. Nintendo is still going. They're just not having their big press conference like they usually do.

    They're still going to be announcing and showing off new games.

    I guess it's no big deal, they haven't released a game in years have they? Excited for the Sony vs Microsoft though.

    aww man now we don't get to be disappointed by Valve at E3....what a shame.

    Good Valve should just stick with being known as a gaming distribution platform. There developed games are extremely over rated and extremely out of date.

      God it must be embarrassing to say something like that

      Guess you must have never played half life 2 or it's episodes

        Or TF2, or Portal 2, or Left4Dead 2...

        played it, loved it, over it. extremely over rated now.

        Last edited 18/07/13 7:29 am

    E3 is 3 3's, if you take the "3" out of 2013, you get 2+0+1 which is also 3

    Uncensored L4D2 for Australians is coming.

    I saw this post on tumbler and I think it is right.

    Half Life 3 will be released on Novermber 10, 2016.

    Half Life: November 19, 1998
    Half Life 2: November 16, 2004
    The time difference between the two is 6 years, minus 3 days. If we double that difference, we get 12 years, minus 6 days. Adding that to November 16, 2004 gives us Novermber 10, 2016.

    If I’m right, it seems like Valve is playing a very elaborate half life joke on us and it looks like they’re doing really well so far.

    Valve can't count to 3, so the topic of E3 is alien to them...

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