Call Of Duty Flack Stole From Activision To Pay For Engagement Party

Call Of Duty Flack Stole From Activision To Pay For Engagement Party
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An Activision PR manager who stole nearly $US30,000 from the launch budget for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s UK release and used it to finance her engagement party avoided active jail time in a sentencing hearing today. Kathryn Kirton, 35, stayed out of prison because a judge noted her prosecution has already threatened her marriage, and the stress of the experience caused her to deliver her now two-year-old son prematurely.

Going to jail would have a “devastating effect” on his care, the judge said in giving her a suspended 18-month prison sentence.

Kirton spent nearly £10,000 of Activision Blizzard UK’s money on three shopping sprees, billed them for a £2000 luxury hotel stay with her then-fiancé, and paid for a £1000 bachelorette party and another £1500 engagement party on the company dime too.

An account representative at an agency she had hired also pleaded guilty to converting about £5000 to personal use too. The court found that he had used his agency’s credit card to pay for Kirton’s extravagances (plus a family holiday for himself to Florida) then billed the charges back to Activision, where were described as necessities for Modern Warfare 2‘s publicity campaign.

A professional listing dated 2012 described Kirton as a senior public relations manager for Activision Blizzard UK.

“In the world of PR you are surrounded by luxury items. That is reality for people working in that industry,” said Judge John Hillen of Blackfriars Crown Court. “What is surprising is that cases like this are happening more and more often in your industry. But this is not the place to explore the PR industry.”

In late 2012, the former head of public relations for GameStop pleaded guilty to embezzling $US1.7 million through a scheme in which he set up a front company and used it to bill GameStop for bogus work. He was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison.

PR boss siphoned off £19,000 from Call Of Duty manufacturers to pay for her engagement party and designer clothes [Daily Mail]


  • That is ridiculous. Seriously? The situation is already screwed up so what goes through her mind? Lets make it more screwed up. Lol and the fact that she delivered that baby early is what saved her yet it may haunt that baby for the rest of its life with health problems.

    • A man goes to jail for this offence 99 times out of 100. It’s ridiculous that women get lesser sentences for these kinds of things.

      • Hell, she should get the full sentence for this. The punishment for a crime is given so you WON’T repeat the crap you’ve done. All of the crap that’s falling on her head can be traced to one person. Her.
        I don’t know if it’s because she’s a woman that she’s received a reduced sentence, as such, I won’t claim it’s an equality thing but, if it was because of her sex, then where the hell is the equality?
        I can understand why people would see this as an equality thing though, in fact, I’m personally wondering if that’s the reason. Hell, as foggy said, men go to jail for such an offence.

        I’d be on her side if this was for meds for a sick family member, funds to charity or something. But since it was for her personal pleasure, the courts should drop the anvil on her. Anyone who does this cannot blame anyone but themselves for the consequences, even if it tears up their family. They should learn how to take ownership of their actions and the results.

    • She delivered the baby early TWO YEARS AGO so NOW she gets a reduced sentence? Last I checked, criminals did not get leniency just because they have kids…

  • If there’s one thing Activision know, it’s money. If there’s only one thing they know, it’s money. They may have F-all creative talent, but they know how money works, how to soak it up and how to keep track of it, which, considering the jazillions that has gone into and come out of CoD, is no mean feat.

    • Sorry to piddle on the Men’s Rights Activism Parade here but if she were a hedge fund manager who stole eleventy million dollars would she have gotten off? Do you think a white male would have if he did it? Save the outrage for something more meaningful.

      • Who is this hedge-fund manager that got off? And seriously, look at why she got a suspended sentence, Its a clear case of “I can’t jail a mother”. Seriously, if she wasn’t a white woman, she’d have been imprisoned. And yes, I’m pointing out her race because I think a non-white woman probably would have been jailed too.

  • She should of just went to prison if the Australian TV show ‘Prisoner’ told me anything about female prisons is all you have to do is do a couple head-butts and you’ll become the leader.

    • I thought that show was British? In any case my mother STILL watches that crap and when I come down to visit, it’s usually on the TV. I hate that show with every fiber of my body.

  • Losing the mother to prison would be devastating to the child’s care? Where’s the father? The child is 2yrs old. They’re remarkably adaptive at that age. It hasn’t had time to figure out what’s ‘normal’ yet. Disruptive? Sure. Devastating? Dubious.

    Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If you have a wife and kids to feed, maybe you should stay out of jail by avoiding doing things that might put you there. If you lose your inhibitions while drunk (which everyone does), maybe you should avoid drinking so much that you get drunk and lose control. If someone smashes a glass on someone else’s head, let’s stop blaming the bar for having the temerity to serve drinks in glasses, and just deal severely and harshly with someone who turned an everyday object into a lethal weapon. (Hell, looking around my office I can see numerous dangerous weapons straight away. Pens, scissors, car keys, letter-opener, butter knife, phone charge cord, desk corner, chair, table… Let’s ban them all!)

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