Check Out Grid 2’s ‘Redefined’ Multiplayer Gameplay

Check Out Grid 2’s ‘Redefined’ Multiplayer Gameplay

And now, courtesy of a recently released trailer, here’s a glimpse of Grid 2’s “Redefined” multiplayer gameplay. Codemasters’ arcade racer is coming out on May 28, with Europe getting it on May 31.


  • It’s a shame really, I was ready to drop my cash on this game, but after finding out there isn’t a cockpit view I’m sort of on the fence now…

    • I will still get but yea pretty disappointed with no cockpit, dont think I’ll use my steering wheel as much without it

    • I normally always use the front of the car view but do enjoy the cockpit view occasionally, I wonder if they thought it was only a small percentage using the view from their market research using 12 yr old boys.

  • AHAHAHAHA Those comments really? “can anyone beat that guy?” edit for youtube “can someone ban this hacking peice of ***** ** ** ** *** *** **** ** * *!”

  • As long as it has the demolition derby mode that the original had, I’ll be happy.

    (I’m hoping they didn’t scrap it due to having a dedicated game ie. Showdown).

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